Thursday, November 20, 2014

+66 - Day 2

Continuing from my previous entry on Bangkok Day 1...
First up on our itinerary the next day was to visit the JJ Market!

Before we left the hotel, we called for room service breakfast!

You'll probably find me disgusting but isn't my boyfriend so cute? :P 


& off we go! :D 

It was a hot hot hot afternoon (Wait a minute, since when was Bangkok not warm :/) but we can always find solace in coconut ice-cream hahaha!

Ice-cream obviously more interesting than taking a picture with me. 


Very embarrassing but we left after an hour because J could no longer take the heat. I have a polar bear for a boyfriend ._.

PS: Top and skirt on me is from Hollyhoque and the top can be found at :D 
Skirt is already sold out though!

Then we headed to Ban Khun Mae (Mom's Home) at Siam Square for lunch! Located just 2 minutes away from Somtom (Famous chicken wings place) at Soi 5!

& this was where we had one of the best Thai meals that trip (: 

Love that they were generous with the ingredients and the rice was moist and slightly sticky, just the way we like it! 

Tom Yum Soup so thick and flavourful that will light up any taste buds. 

Best-est Red Ruby ever. Yummier than Yhing Thai's and only 1/4 the price. 

Dragged our bulging bellies to do some shopping at the new Siam Square 1! 

Lots and lots of shopping with air-con for comfort. 
It was also where J bought his suit for Liz's wedding! 
Pants, blazer and shirt for about SGD200ish. 

There are so many new cafes/restaurants within the mall and we had a hard time deciding which to have tea at. Eventually settled for White Flower Factory because of their pretty decor and

Wide cake selection :D 

Pretty sure we made the right decision because everything on our table was yummy! 

Super yummy Chocolate Banana Cake that I'll spend all my calorie quota on ^^

Must have cafe flat-lay hahaha

The winglets J and I were fighting for >) 

Not surprised about the long queue outside the new Kitty cafe on the first level of Siam Square One. 

Night ended with us (Or rather, me) shopping the night market opposite Siam Paragon! 
It is one of my favourite night markets to shop at! (Minus the human traffic) 

Until the next entry! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Renovations One

Furnitures play a very important part in the Scandinavian theme so we are taking our time to look around and find something we both really like. I always shop on impulse so I'm glad to have J around to control me lol. We've visited numerous showrooms and our favourite is Grafunkt! Sneaked a few pictures below :P 

Been wanting to visit Second Charm where they give new life to vintage furnitures but haven't found time to do so! Maybe this weekend! I've seen some of their products online and I have high hopes we will find "THE" teevee console there :P

I've been religiously doing research on Pinterest, stalking forums and reading home decor magazines (I like SquareRooms best!). The one that works most effectively for me is Pinterest! It is a great way to keep track of all your ideas and best of all, FOC! :P

Some of the pins from my mood-board! Lots of white and greys, pendant lights and wood <3

As I briefly mentioned on Dayre, this ash blue sofa below is the first and only furniture we've acquired to date and we are very (VERY) happy with the purchase!

(Colour of the sofa is more true to the photo above) 

With a 40% discount at $1,799 it was the only sofa we like that was within our budget. The rest that caught our eye costs at least double the price so yay! It was not only a great buy, it is extremely comfy and suits our Scandinavian theme to a T! I can already imagine it against our white wall with a floating photo ledge! <3

You probably wouldn't believe it but we got our sofa from Courts Tampines!!

J and I were just looking around at electronics when we walked passed their furniture level and saw all these vibrant and funky fixtures that attracted us! Good job, Courts! & lucky us :D

Why of course I had to be dressed in comfort for a day out hunting for furnitures (:
Living On The Suede Top - Black available HERE and Snakeskin Siren Shorts coming on Hollyhoque soon! 

Friday, October 31, 2014


J and I were so so honoured to be invited to view Goldheart's latest launch - Le Pure Platinum Collection. 

As part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, Goldheart launches the new Le Pure Platinum collection in commemoration of the brand's milestone as the first jeweller to introduce the concept of wedding bands in white gold and platinum in Singapore. 

I'm sure many of you know what white gold is, what about platinum? I personally haven't heard of platinum rings until this preview D: (Now I feel so "suaku") Platinum is approximately 60 times harder to find than gold and is the only metal with 90-95% purity - definitely the purest precious metal used in jewelry. 

The Le Pure Platinum collection - so modern and sophisticated 

All of Goldheart's wedding bands come with a hidden (Also known as Pure Blue) sapphire that represents the purity of true love. Likewise for the platinum collection. Marrying platinum, this new collection is the perfect symbol of purest and truest love. 

The below are my favourite 3! 

You can instantly feel the distinct difference upon wearing a platinum ring. 
It is denser and heavier that gives a very sturdy feeling - I LOVE IT!

I would prefer something more statement but J likes it thin and simple :P

We still have time to sort that out haha.

Not forgetting the Le Pure Platinum Collection also carry solitaires and eternity rings (The one with little diamonds all around) 

As further dedication to the divine beauty of pure love, Goldheart collaborated with Inked Fingers (Run by a pair of couple from Austin, Texas) to develop a photo diary that depicts artistic and romantic moments in a pure and true love journey. 

The pictures are so well taken, I couldn't help but looked at it over and over again. 

I also really like that each photo came with a quote that depicts the moment. 
Some of which I could relate to :P 

"My heart beats faster when your letter arrives" 

Well, writing letters during our time weren't "popular" anymore but each time I receive a SMS notification from J, I get really excited :P We see each other everyday but when we travel individually, my heart still flutters when I receive a text from him. 

"Growing with the passing time"

From young teens (J and I met back in 2005 and I was only 14) to working adults, we've always shared the same dream - working towards our future together (: 

"I am here for you"

In good or bad times, happiness or sadness, J has always been there for me. 
He has seen the worse of me, but have never left my side in close to 10 years of dating. 

View the full set of pictures here! They are amazing.

Wait! This is not all!

There will be a ‘Favourite Pure Love Moment’ photo contest on Instagram from 31 Oct – 14 Nov where you can submit photos of your favourite couple moment and 3 lucky winners will stand to win $500 Goldheart vouchers.

Here's mine!! 

That unforgettable sunset cruise in Budapest where you hugged me so tightly reassuring me how special I am to you. 

We had many firsts together but this is one of the most memorable (: 
Sharing our first snow experience together - 2011.

You're my favourite travel companion, lets explore the rest of the world together until our hairs turn grey. 

Thank you for always having my back, reassuring me that I'll never have to walk alone. 

Okay, I better stop now before I get too carried away hahaha. So tough to just pick one D: 
Now, start looking through your photo folders and pick your favourite picture for submission! You might just be the lucky one to walk away with $500 Goldheart vouchers ><

Do also follow Goldheart on Facebook HERE to be kept in the loop whenever they launch new designs or romance campaigns!