Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Atorrege AD+

I was recently introduced to Atorrege AD+ 
and I'm amazed at the efficiency of their products after using it for a couple of weeks now! 

Just a brief introduction of Atorrege AD+ for starters
before I show you the magic these products did for me :P 

Attorege AD+, short-form for Atopic Dermatitis Advance Formula (Originated from Japan)
 is a safe, high performing skincare range that not only corrects modern skin troubles 
caused by environmental changes but also make skin healthier and stronger against the environment.

2 common ingredients that plays a big role on the efficiency of AD+ products are Witch Hazel & Soybean.
Witch Hazel: Inhibit free radicals that destroy collagen & elastin 
Soybean: Promoted the production of collagen & hyaluronic acid

I was given the opportunity to try the above 4 products
and I arranged them according to sequence of usage from left (: 
1) Skin Treatment, $79
2) Cool Lotion, $69
3) Acne Spot, $59
4) Moist & Calming Mask, $79

The Skin Treatment can be used after you cleanse your face.

Some key features:
> Strengthens skin collagen & elastin
 > Lightens dark spots & pigmentations
> Boosts skin metabolism
> Restores skin radiance
> Refines skin texture
> Prevents free radical and UV damage (Up to 80%)

I really like that it is in liquid form because it isn't sticky

and is quickly absorbed into my skin after application!

Next up is the acne care duo, also my favourite! 
The Cool Lotion and Acne Spots work together to give you the best acne care and treatment. 

Acne Spots is also the Her World's 2014 Editor's Choice for Best Acne Spots Treatment! 

The Cool Lotion comes in a spray bottle and can be used every 4 hours, even with make-up. 

Some key features: 
> Suppresses acne bacteria
> Controls acne breakout
> Instantly relieves redness & irritations!

It is a great alternative for oil blotter to control sebum.

The Acne Spots come in a dropper bottle and its perfect for girls with slightly longer nails like me :D 
This is one important hygiene factor I consider when I shop for skin care. 

Some key features: 
> Heals pimples and acne scars
> Reduces redness & inflammation
> Prevents acne scarring and marks
> Anti inflammation 

This is my pick out of the lot and it works like magic for me! 

I tend to get breakouts whenever I'm in a foreign country and on my most recent trip to Seoul, 
it was no exception :(  

No make-up nor photo editing for better comparison. 
So then please forgive my dark eye circles haha :| 

The photo labelled #1 was taken during my stay at Seoul and as you can see, 
I had 2 huge ass pimples forming on my cheek and nose D: 
So thankful I chucked the Atorrege AD+ products into my luggage the night!! 
Together with the Cool Lotion, I used the Acne Spots every day and night religiously. 

Step 1: Spray Cool Lotion all over face (I usually spray twice) 
Step 2: Pat and make sure it is evenly applied 
3) Apply Acne Spots on affected areas then massage gently 

In less than 4-5 days, my pimples cleared and my skin went back to normal! :D 
Check out photos #2 and #3! 

Apart from making sure that the skin is acne free, we also have to make sure that it is well nourished. 
The Skin Treatment Lotion + Moist & Calming Mask will take care of that! 

The Moist & Calming Mask from Atorrege AD+ is on the slightly pricer side
 but that is totally justified because it is made of 100% organic cotton that is bacteria and paraben free as compared to most sheet masks in the market. 

Some Key Features: 
> Instantly relieves inflamed skin 
> Results in radiant and luminous skin
> Immediate soothing and hydrating to dry and sensitive skin

Detailed information about their products can be found HERE

Besides the 4 products I received, I went for an Atorrege AD+ facial, $158 with 21st Century Beauty Spa!

4 lucky Hollyhoque shoppers who like and share the above image on Atorrege AD+ Facebook Page will receive a gift hamper up to $108.90 + an Atorrege AD+ facial voucher $58(Worth $158).
Stay tuned to Atorrege's FB page for more details! 

On a lighter note,  21st Century Beauty Spa is under case trust 
so be assured that there'll be no hard-selling of products and services! 

Lo & Behold! Check out the full range of products Atorrege AD+ carries!  

Me getting a skin check before the facial. 
Through this check, I found out that I belong to combination skin instead of dry skin that I always thought I had! 

It'll be good for you to try out the facial to determine if the products work well for you.
My favourite part of the facial? it has to be the cold mask :P 
The cold tingling sensation makes me feel soooo good! 

Atorrege AD+ products can be found at 21st Century Beauty Spa and selected BHG, OG, Watsons, Guardian, John Little & Robinsons outlets. 

Atorrege AD+, the essence to clear and beautiful skin :D :D 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Singapore International Water Week

I bet you didn't know that its the Singapore International Water Week! 
Cos I didn't too... Until I received an invitation to attend a roundtable discussion held at MBS!

This event usually only involves key players in the industry so I was extremely thrilled to see what its like! 
Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without Nuffnang, thank you! :D 

Just a quick introduction, the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 
is the global platform for sharing and creating innovative water solutions. 
SIWW delivers a range of flagship programmes where global water industry players share the latest in business and technological innovations, as well as policy developments in water.

Water is the genesis of life, if there was no water there would be no life. 

As mentioned, I was there for the Water Leaders Roundtable Discussion on
>> Solutions For A Better Future

With rapid population growth, expanding urbanisation and increasing industrialisation, threats to water security and sustainability have never been more real, at the discussion, several key players of the industry came together to share their views on how to discuss issues relating to ensuring water security and cost competitiveness, and understanding water as a social, environmental and economic asset. 

Two solutions that were strongly discussed throughout the session was proper pricing and good management. His Excellency, Jose Angel Guria mentioned that with no cost on water, there will be no awareness on the value which will result in a waste of the resources. Countries like India and Mexico have plenty of water but are taken for granted. Prof Asit Biswas, who was the Roundtable Chairperson added in his closing speech that with good management, water scarcity can be improved. Using India as an example, he mentioned that they never had a minister who was capable enough to manage her utilities or stayed long enough to come up with a plan to see its implementations. 

Several of the speakers also gave in good words about Singapore's water management and government policies which made me feel thankful to be living here, in this beautiful city. 
Singapore has very limited water resources so apart from man-made lakes (To hold water and collecting rain), we recycle water - NEWater :D 

The SIWWPledge aims to increase global awareness of water challenges. 
This initiative aims to the global water community towards a common water cause. 

For every pledge $1 will be donated to
*Capped at $40,000

Simply click on "Pledge Here" to start! 

There is 1524 pledges made right now, and we have 38,476 more pledges to go!
Click HERE to join hands and make this world a better place <3
Do also head over to to find out more :D 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blackmores: Go Green

If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we've experienced,
 we need to take action now. 

Going green isn't intimidating at all. 
Simple things in your everyday like using both sides of the paper can make a huge difference. 

Here's 10 eco tips to help you go green :D 
It may take a few reminders for it to take root but lets all work towards a cleaner, brighter future! 
1) Go paperless > E tickets for movies, plane tickets, credit card statements etc!
2) Shut down your computer after usage.
 It may go to sleep/hibernate mode but it is still using up energy! 
3) Use compact florescent, LED or halogen bulbs instead of conventional incandescents 
4) Take shorter showers  
5) Use reusable water bottles. Plastic bottles take thousands of years to be decomposed D: 
Rethink when you buy bottled water!
6)  Donate it away! Before you throw something away, think about it! Someone else might need it!
7) Use one less paper napkin
8) Only launder when you have a full load
9) Recycle aluminium and glass 
Fun fact: Twenty recycled aluminium cans can be made with the energy to manufacture one brand new one 
10) Support green businesses like Blackmores

Blackmores is not just a leading healthcare brand, 
they are a company that cares for the environment and the community. 
Therefore in everything they do, they seek ways to respect nature and give back to the community. 

Join them in going green simply by going to Blackmores Facebook Page  
and choose a simple green pledge! 
(PS: You might just be the lucky one to win $1500 CASH and $3000 worth of Blackmores products!) 

I made my pledge too! :D 
They are now at 4435 pledges, help them acheive 5000 & they will unlock Eco treats!
Their Eco Krill Vanilla 1000mg will go on 50% off for a week!!
& at 10000 pledges they will plant more trees for a greener Singapore <3

What are you waiting for??
Hop on over to Blackmores Facebook Page  NOW (:

You can make your pledge every day to increase your chances of winning 
and you can make a few pledges at any one time. 
Watch how the Singapore city skyline turn cleaner with every pledge made!

If you follow me on Dayre, you might know that I've started taking health supplements this year and compared to 2013, I noticed that my immune system is stronger and I don't fall sick as often!
Fish oil and Vitamin C is a must for me because I have pretty dry skin and fish oil keeps my skin supple and helps with joint, brain and heart health while Vit Cs protect me against immune system deficiencies (:

And did you know that Blackmores supports Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as part of its commitment to achieving the highest possible standard of sustainability sourcing for its fish and krill oils?

I've been a paying customer of Blackmores since the start of 2014 so I was more than happy to receive these Go Green packs :D

Each Go Green pack is at an exclusive promotion of 70% OFF second item.
 Plus, it comes with a $5 gift voucher and a Blackmores recycle bag!

Selected Go Green Packs, Glucosamine 1500, Buffered C, Evening Primrose Oil and Omega Daily are available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. 

Noticed that Blackmores's packaging are made of recycled products? 

Support green businesses for a brighter and cleaner future!