Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heineken Cities Festival

I'm a fan of ice cold beer ~

Imagine my delight to receive an invitation from Heineken to join them at the Heineken Cities Festival last weekend! Held along Ann Siang Hill and Club Street, it was one of the coolest night events that I've attended!

At the Main Arc (Club Street) with Zoe and our other blogger friends from Nuffnang (:

Check out the amazing crowd that evening!

Gecks was my +1 for the event and we dived straight to the photobooth for a momento! :D
Confetti moment! (Photo taken professionally)

& from where I stood (The VIP/Media area) 

The limited edition Heineken Cities bottles <3 
These bottles comprising of London, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Singapore, Shanghai and Amsterdam will be available at all bars which serve Heineken Island Wide till end September. Get yours while stocks lasts! 

The special Singapore edition of the Heineken Cities series will be exclusive to Singapore and will retail between $12 - $18 each, along with the other series! 
I was lucky enough to receive the "Singapore" edition Heineken bottle in my media pack! :P 

The multi talented DJ Rae that kept the crowd entertained with her vocals and music! 

Glowing Purple with Zoe and our limited edition bottles :P 

And one with Gecks 

The exciting line up includes roving performances from Rio De Janeiro samba dancers, drummers and stilt walkers  

 To break dancers from New York!

Spot the London iconic red telephone box here accompanied with street baskers

 Shanghainese dance 

 Live mural painting by local visual artist, Mindflyer


To unlock more hidden gems in Singapore and open your city, do check out

Thanks for the invite, Heineken!
& not forgetting Nuffnang for linking us up! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sundaze - Gyu Kaku

Sundays are meant for pigging out with the fatty beside me :P 


Spicy Beef Ribs Soup, my favourite  


 I'm a huge fan of Japanese BBQ and ever since Nagomiya closed down, I've been visiting Gyu Kaku - They have several outlets here in Singapore. Although pricey (We usually spend about $80-90 per person), they are pretty consistent with their quality and that made us return customers. If you have other recommendations, please lemme know!! :P

Outfit of The Day >
Epic Weekend Cropped Tank (Only $7.90 from H&M but a little too short D:)
Cyndie Illustrator Flap Skirt (Black/White) in XS
Balenciaga City in Yellow
Shoes from Korea 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


As expected, we got up the next day with a nasty hangover. 
I honestly don't remember much of Day 2 in Seoul if not for the photos lol! 
No idea what gave us the motivation to even drag our sorry asses off the bed to head out *GASP*
And as if the hangover wasn't bad enough, we had the bumpiest cab ride to Hongdae from our hotel :| Liz was on the verge of throwing up by the time we alighted D: 

Most of the restaurants at Hongdae were closed because it was past lunch time so we walked and walked and walked until we finally found a BBQ restaurant that was open! Whoo imagine our delight. We were extremely quiet throughout the meal because our minds still couldn't process properly lol. I was spacing out after lunch when Liz finally made the first move to suggest we walk around. 

Stumbled upon old school neoprint machines and decided to take some pictures for keepsake! :P My favourite has got to be the "Just Married" one hahaha. 

That day, we just weren't in the mood to do any shopping. Nothing we saw was worth buying. 
The weather was so warm, we were perspiring and tired... Until we saw O'sulloc!!!  O'sulloc specializes in green tea and is one of the largest tea producers in Korea. Our moods lifted instantly after sharing a cuppa refreshing green tea and green tea bingsoo :D We even had a mini "photoshoot" in the 4 story cafe. 

Side tracking, the jumpsuit I wore will be up for grabs at a greatly discounted price during our Mix & Match Sale at Far East Plaza #01-31 this weekend! >< A preview of what to expect can be found on the HH blog HERE (: 

Now.. Where was I? 
Oh yes, we were feeling much better after the sweet treat so we cabbed to 
Seoul Station where the Lotte Mart is to stock up on Korean snacks :P 
Taxis aren't expensive in Korea so we cab to most places to save time and energy lol. 

2 tired s(e)ouls grabbing quick dinner before heading back to the hotel for beauty sleep as Day 3 awaits!