Tuesday, November 25, 2014

+66 - Day 3

We woke up with no plans in mind on Day 3. 

One picture at the pretty entrance of Hotel Muse before we walked over to the Pratunam area for some shopping! 

The busy BKK traffic and colourful taxis 

& since we are within the area, how can we miss the famous Wonton Mee! Located on the street next to the Shibuya Mall (Opposite Platinum Mall) 


Not so interested in the shopping at Platinum Mall, but we had to go over for the yummy crepe! 

We could have walked to Siam Paragon given the distance but the weather was too unforgiving we decided to just grab a taxi. 

It was a day of non stop eating for us lol. 
If you're in BKK you need to try After You at least once for some kick-ass toasts.
It may be overrated but I think its still good! 
They expanded a lot the past year so you can almost find one outlet in most of the malls (: 

After much consideration, 

we went for their signature Shibuya Toast in the end. 
Golden crisp on the ourside and soft inside with the perfect balance of moisture. 
Gobbled it in no time! 

After some walking around, it was back to the hotel! Time for my afternoon nap :P 
Love love my lash extensions!! 

After much procrastination, we finally made it to Chocolate Ville (A really HUGE "restaurant")! We've been wanting to visit this place ever since they opened but was bummed about the travelling time (Approx. 45 minutes) to get there. 

Glad we made it there nevertheless! Just look at the beautiful structures! 

Every corner was worth a picture

J and I spent at least 45 minutes walking about, taking photos before we decided it is finally time for dinner hahaha. He is always super on about taking photos when we're on a holiday, but not quite the case back home >( 

Can't decide which is cuter lol

Grabbed a tourist to help us with this shot :P Perfect framing! 
The trick is to look for young girls hahaha

Sheila VS Menu 

I forgot what drink this was, but I loved everything about it! Especially the white jelly!! 

Contrary to the feedbacks online, I thought the food was pretty decent! Or maybe because I went with low expectations... But really, I don't think it was that bad. 

These spicy drumlets were actually very tasty! 

The beautiful scene that accompanied our dinner 

Yippee! Glad we made the choice travel there!

One with the boyfriend, insisted by our very helpful driver :D 
Tip: If you're intending to go there, pay your driver a little more to wait around and send you back! That place is honestly quite secluded and you wouldn't want to risk staying overnight there :P 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

+66 - Day 2

Continuing from my previous entry on Bangkok Day 1...
First up on our itinerary the next day was to visit the JJ Market!

Before we left the hotel, we called for room service breakfast!

You'll probably find me disgusting but isn't this face so cute? :P 


& off we go! :D 

It was a hot hot hot afternoon (Wait a minute, since when was Bangkok not warm :/) but we can always find solace in coconut ice-cream hahaha!

Ice-cream obviously more interesting than taking a picture with me. 


Very embarrassing but we left after an hour because J could no longer take the heat. I have a polar bear for a boyfriend ._.

PS: Top and skirt on me is from Hollyhoque and the top can be found at http://www.hollyhoque.com/products/alessia-floral-cross-wrap-top-blue-green :D 
Skirt is already sold out though!

Then we headed to Ban Khun Mae (Mom's Home) at Siam Square for lunch! Located just 2 minutes away from Somtom (Famous chicken wings place) at Soi 5!

& this was where we had one of the best Thai meals that trip (: 

Love that they were generous with the ingredients and the rice was moist and slightly sticky, just the way we like it! 

Tom Yum Soup so thick and flavourful that will light up any taste buds. 

Best-est Red Ruby ever. Yummier than Yhing Thai's and only 1/4 the price. 

Dragged our bulging bellies to do some shopping at the new Siam Square 1! 

Lots and lots of shopping with air-con for comfort. 
It was also where J bought his suit for Liz's wedding! 
Pants, blazer and shirt for about SGD200ish. 

There are so many new cafes/restaurants within the mall and we had a hard time deciding which to have tea at. Eventually settled for White Flower Factory because of their pretty decor and

Wide cake selection :D 

Pretty sure we made the right decision because everything on our table was yummy! 

Super yummy Chocolate Banana Cake that I'll spend all my calorie quota on ^^

Must have cafe flat-lay hahaha

The winglets J and I were fighting for >) 

Not surprised about the long queue outside the new Kitty cafe on the first level of Siam Square One. 

Night ended with us (Or rather, me) shopping the night market opposite Siam Paragon! 
It is one of my favourite night markets to shop at! (Minus the human traffic) 

Until the next entry!