Monday, May 23, 2016

Fitbit Alta

I've been using the Fitbit Alta for about 2 weeks now and its amazing! 

For those of you who haven't heard of the Fitbit, it is a fitness wristband that helps people lead healthier and more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration & guidance to reach their goals. 

The Fitbit Alta is designed with a satin finish and stainless steel body. 

Black works best with my wardrobe!

So sleek and slim, it can easily be passed off as a fashion accessory. 

I honestly would have thought this is a bracelet.

Doubles up as a watch. 

A single charge can last about 5 days and each charge don't usually take more than 2 hours.

It also features a line of stylish interchangeable bands in selected colours/materials.

When I get bored of the Black strap, I can easily switch it up!
Here's my Fitbit Alta sporting a Grey leather strap that is equally versatile and fashionable.

It feels and look so luxurious.

Dust Pink is also super pretty!

The Fitbit tracks my all-day activities, from the number of steps I take daily to the active minutes. (Periods of moderate activity done for 10 minutes of more) 
These stats are synced using the bluetooth function and can be done on the go. 

SmartTrack automatically recognizes select exercises and automatically records them in my Fitbit app. I was in awe when I turned on my Fitbit app and see that it managed to record I just did aerobic exercise!

I spend majority of my time in front of the desktop and I mostly commute to & fro work by car.
The average number of steps I took last week is ~4500 as compared to an average of ~5900 this week. There is a significant increase in the number of steps I take daily because I've been tracking  my steps - I find myself opting for the stairs more often now instead of using the lift. 

I also find the messages to remind me to move very effective. 
It sends me a nudge whenever I'm inactive (Desk-bound or watching TV at home) for too long so I'll take the opportunity to go for a toilet/water break. Long periods of sitting down can be detrimental to our health. 

One of my favourite functions of the Fitbit Alta is its auto sleep tracking and silent alarm function that vibrates until I tap on it twice. I will sometimes miss my ringing alarm but with this, I don't think I'll oversleep again. You are not limited to one alarm so you can actually use it for important appointments too! 

This is a screenshot of my sleep pattern. My goal is to have 8 hours of sleep daily and I think I'm doing pretty alright. Some days when I don't achieve my goal, I'll tell myself to go to bed earlier so you'll notice an improvement in my sleep the next daycan. 

The Fitbit Alta has slowly become a part of my lifestyle and I regret not getting it sooner! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bangkok Day 4 - Dayre 114

10.30AM/ It is already 1030 and I'm still rolling in bed while J had already gone out to buy us breakfast. We had a full day shoot yesterday & albeit tiring, I gained a lot of insight about fashion photography.
The team of 5 I worked with was amazing! Best boyfriend tagged along and just sat around quietly settling his work invoices. On a few occasions he bugged me to go and have lunch at a cafe nearby with him but I was too engrossed in watching the pros do their thing I told him to get take-away for us which he obediently did 😂 
I feel sorry for him but I couldn't miss such an opportunity to learn, even if it's only for an hour. I'll make up to him today & accompany him to eat all he wants! 
The photographer will take about a week to edit the photos but I couldn't wait. Took the liberty to edit these 2 on my phone! Actually there isn't much to edit, the lighting & makeup was close to perfect. I just added some contrast & a blue filter. 

We had 3 sets of looks and this was the Coachella theme! That hair & eye make-up 😍  

Denim jumper is upcoming on in the next week or so and if you can't wait, it's already stocked in our store. 

My breakfast, yay! 
Selfie while waiting for the BTS! Hahaha look at J's pancake face. I hid behind him on purpose. 
He offered to carry my barang for me today so I could bring my sling bag out! Lol it's so small I can hardly keep anything in it. Lipstick, handphone, power bank & that's about it. 
Summer Street 
6.45PM/ Tonight's dinner spot, dining in ghetto style 😎
BBQ seafood feast 
I'm usually not a fan of prawns but these were so good I had 4! Could be because it went super well with the green chili dip 👍🏻 Risked skin allergy for this lol. Sometimes I get rashes when I eat prawns, but very rarely. 
Sotong tastes the best when grilled 
Big & fat oysters that tastes incredible for just 80baht 👌🏻
The cockles were the favourite part of our meal. We had 3 portions & J still wanted more but I didn't allow him to order because unhealthy leh! 
We spent the entire afternoon at EmQuartier, eating and shopping on repeat. It is currently our favourite mall in Bangkok! 
Another story is a lifestyle store that sells everything quirky. We spent a good 45 minutes there browsing! Interesting. 
We also popped by Qurator where you can find some of the up and coming Thai labels. Pretty nice stuff there but the designs are a little too fancy, not something we can wear on an everyday basis. 
Shopping at 3CE when I caught J painting his nails at a corner 😱 He also played with other makeup testers and ended up with shimmery hands. Quite sure he has a secret fetish for cosmetics lol. 

I got a new lip tint (Deep Magenta) in the end and I can't wait to try it tomorrow! 

There was a beach pop-up event going on and the setup was so pretty I had to take some pictures 😌
Still crushing on bell sleeves - Adjusted it to my fit so it wouldn't look too overwhelming. 
Last one before J got attracted to...
His love... At the right end of this picture 
Luk Kai Thong
Lunch was at LKT this afternoon. Food was decent but this prata-alike dessert that was drizzled in Thai milk tea concentrate blew my mind. So yummy omg! 
The outdoor garden at EmQuartier reminds me so much of Gardens By The Bay. Lucky shot by a passerby! He made my legs look so much longer than they actually are haha. 
J's attempt at an artsy shot. I asked him if it is because he was inspired by yesterday's shoot and he nodded 😅 
Details of my top today! 
Upcoming on #Hollyhoque

Bangkok Day 2 - Dayre 112

11.25AM/ Happy tourists on board Uber! 

Uber/Grab Car in BKK makes going to places so much easier since we can just key in our destination on the app without having to stress over how to pronounce an address 😌 

Our ride from Asok to The Commons (Thonglor) only costs 40 baht - Almost the same as train tickets. 

New sneakers I got on our recent work trip! I can buy TEN of these with the price of one Superga 😌
Don't think I'll ever get sick of dining here. They have a rather extensive menu so I try to order something different each time and it never disappoints. 
Love all the photos in their menu! 
Vanilla bean smoothie 
J's Truffle Alfredo that was super yummy! Anything with truffle in it is always a yes for us. I don't care if it's an artificial flavoring 💁🏻 
I opted for something "healthier" - Corn & Zucchini Fritters 
With a generous serving of avocado, shiok! 
5.08PM/ Massage time whee
Diora Langsuan
I'm a return customer because I had a good experience previously but today, I have to say otherwise. The masseuse I got this time isn't as skillful as the one I had on my last visit - She kept pressing into my bones and it was so painful 😪 J said the head massage gave him a headache instead lol. 

The ambience, cleanliness and service of Diora is decent but I may not revisit again 🤔 

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen 
Tonkotsu Kazan is popular for their volcano ramen (Ramen served in earthenware bowls) but before I could even take a proper look at their menu J had already called for the waiter (🙄) so I just asked for what I would usually eat at a ramen restaurant - Spicy Miso. 
One of the yummiest Karaage chicken I've eaten. It was coated in just the right amount of batter & meat was very tender. 😋💦
Today's lightweight midi dress (Upcoming on #Hollyhoque) to take on the 37 degree heat. 
These twirl shots got so many curious passers-by to stop and look lol. I was quite embarrassed but J ignored them & continued pressing the shutter, snap snap snap. 
One more from the "twirling series" 💃
Concealed zipper at the back + adjustable straps 
A closer look at the gorgeous neckline!
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