Monday, July 20, 2015


J and I, we've been dating for more than 10 years now and in late 2012, we decided that its time we move towards our next phase of life - Investing in our love by buying a house together.

We finally received the keys to our unit last October and that was when all the sourcing of furniture and renovation works started.

Everything fell into place and we officially moved in just before CNY this year.

 As first time home owners, we are clueless about many things and this is when I received news that PhillipCapital is interested to invest in what matters to me! I was thrilled beyond words to have such an established financial house with global presence trying to fulfil my aspiration!

With 40 years of financial expertise, PhillipCapital has a comprehensive suite of financial products and services that includes broking in securities, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, precious metals and commodities, unit trusts, contracts for difference, exchange traded funds; fund management, managed accounts, insurance planning, regular savings plan, investment research, equity financing and more.

 At this point of my life, what matters to me the most is without a doubt, my new home built together with J. After sharing my aspirations with PhillipCapital, they concluded that it is important for me to protect the property (Home insurance) I live in and the assets within so that I can be relieved of financial stress should the unforeseen happens. (Fire? Theft? Smoke Damage? Etc..)

Most insurance companies only sell insurance from one company while PhillipCapital partners with many different insurance issuers so I was assured that the home insurance I was offered is carefully selected and customized to meet my needs. In this case, the selected insurance company that will be taking care of my needs is Tenet Sompo Insurance under the Home Bliss Coverage.

Some special features that this insurance have include:
- 24-hour home emergency assistance services such as locksmith, plumbing, pest control etc.
- Worldwide Family Personal Liability Extends to cover property owner's liability and tenant's liability
- Expenses for Tracing & Assessing of water seepage (For buildings less than 20 years old)
& many more!

Talk to PhilipCapital at 65311555 or drop them an email at to find out how they can customize solutions to meet your individual needs.Also, there are 12 Phillip Investor Centres around Singapore so if you prefer to speak with a Phillip staff face-to-face, you can do so at your convenience!

Because good things are meant to be shared, PhillipCapital is now helping a few lucky ones to achieve their aspirations! All you need to do is share your aspiration with them and it may just be fulfilled! Wait no more and click on the link HERE to start!

Also don't forget to catch the first ever video J and I did for this campaign below (: 
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Michael Trio

The search is over! 
J and I got our wedding bands customized at Michael Trio some months back and we're are already wearing it :D 

If you would read on, I'll like to take you through our ring-picking process. 

Michael Trio is a Singapore based custom jewellery brand with both online & retail presence.

(Click on image to read more about the brains behind Michael Trio) 

 After launching its online store > HERE in 2013,
(Shopping for rings in the comfort of your own home? Why not!)

They unveiled their flagship boutique at 91 Tanjong Pagar Road last year. Opening hours are from 12PM to 8.30PM daily (Except on public holidays) 

Honestly, we were slightly overwhelmed by the number of designs they carry and didn't know where to start but affable Gin guided us through very patiently and even encouraged us to try on as many designs to find THE ONE. 

J giving his 100% attention to Gin as he explained the various materials/designs 

After a long while, we narrowed down to 3 designs each and this was J's final 3. 
The rings that he short-listed are all very clean and simple just like his personality. 

*GASP* So many eternity ring designs to pick from! 

I was going back and forth between these 2 designs after I kicked my 3rd option out. The eternity ring is absolutely gorgeous (AND SHINY) but I eventually went for the simpler design with little diamonds encrusted at the sides because it'll go with J's final choice better. 

Also because there are already diamonds on the band of my engagement ring, I don't want to look too over the top if I wear them together. 

Happy campers after confirming our choices! 

Added a quote to the rings that best signifies our love <3  

Finalized the ring size & voila, we were done on our part as Michael Trio worked to give us our rings in 3 weeks!

Michael Trio believes in customer satisfaction so we can have a peace of mind knowing that our rings are backed by lifetime warranty. Under their strict quality check and control at every stage of the manufacturing process, Michael Trio guarantee that the product we receive is at perfection in appearance and structure. However, should we experience an issue requiring repair, they will gladly inspect our jewellery and evaluate the problem. If the issue is determined to be the cause of manufacturing defect(s) Michael Trio will address the repairs at no cost. However, a nominal fee will apply if it is determined the damage was caused by wear and tear or accidental misuse.

For boyfriends looking to get an engagement ring, customized or not, I am recommending Michael Trio because I am confident they have the expertise to meet your expectations.

Just 3 simple steps to create a customized engagement ring >
1) Pick diamond
2) Select setting
3) Complete ring 

What I also really like about them is their "Diamond Upgrade Programme" and 30 days return policy.

Should you decide to upgrade your diamond to one of greater quality, Michael Trio will apply full credit of your original diamond purchase towards the purchase of any new certified diamond priced at least twice the original amount or higher. (Of course, this is only applicable for certified diamonds bought at Michael Trio)

To ensure you have time to consider your purchase, Michael Trio offers a 30 days return guarantee. Customers may return any item other than custom or special ordered items within 30 days from the original date of shipment of the product for a full refund (T&C applied) 

It was so much pleasure shopping with Michael Trio, and I already told J that if he decides to buy me more diamonds in future (Ahem) he must first check out Michael Trio :P 
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

NTUC Income Orange Health

NTUC Income is implementing a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to adopt a healthy lifestyle and rewarding those who stay healthy. The initiatives come under Orange Health, which comprises a health screening provided at a special rate and a mobile application to make it easier for one to keep track of his/her health status. 

I took some time off work last week to visit their first activation event at Raffles Place and I had much fun "cycling" my way to yummy juices! 

Blending my juice as I cycle!! Definitely a novelty to me haha. 

My reward for working out on the bike! 

The Orange Health Event will take place at Maple Business City on 10 July so pop by if you are around the area! 

I also went for the Orange Health screening at a special rate of $15 and you can book an appointment here

Besides the activation event, Orange Health also launched an app that keeps track of your health by making it easy to manage your medical information and fitness goals. If you are a caregiver, you can also choose to get alerts if a loved one forgets to take medication. 

The health practitioner was very skilful and made the process as painless as possible.  

The Orange Health screening basically tests for 4 things: BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Blood Glucose. My results were out in 6 minutes or so and all information will be kept private and confidential. 

If you are a NTUC IncomeShield policyholder and pass all 4 checks, you'll receive a $50 CapitaMall shopping voucher - How awesome is this?! Go for health check and still be rewarded with shopping vouchers? 

For non-NTUC Income policyholders, you get something too if you pass all 4 checks - $50 discount on first - year premium should you decide to sign up for Enhanced IncomeShield.

Register for you screening HERE

I unfortunately failed the health check because of my low BMI, but I will look into gaining some muscle mass and take the test again!!

I find these initiatives by NTUC Orange Health really beneficial to the public and staying healthy is really important. There was a period in my life when I stopped exercising and ate at irregular hours resulting in me falling ill very frequently. I had to visit the doctor's a lot and I couldn't function at work properly because I was perpetually ill and trust me, this feeling sucks. These days I go to the gym regularly and include more fruits in my diet - I definitely see a better change in my health.

Thanks for rewarding the public for keeping healthy, Orange Health! (: 
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Casio TR60

If you understand me well enough, you'll surely know that I am a huge camera freak. I love trying out new cameras so I was exhilarated when I was told that I'll be given the newly launched Casio EX-TR60 to play around with! I gave it a full battery charge and took it out with me the next day & I've been carrying it around since. 

Here are some product shots of the EX-TR60 before I proceed to share with you pictures I took on this small but mighty body! 

So many reasons to love this camera and one of it is its size that fits in perfect with my hands.

I also really like how you can flip the LCD 360 degrees for various angles - You can even use the "frame" as a tripod!

This is the screen that'll greet you when you turn on the camera and I'd like to highlight 3 functions that I personally use a lot. 

1) EXILIM Connect 
In addition to WIFI connectivity, the new TR60 is the first of the EXILIM-TR range to incorporate Bluetooth Smart Technology, enabling faster and a more stable connectivity to a smartphone via that EXILIM Connect App. Once connected, the images on my camera can be automatically updated to my phone and I can easily control the camera remotely, continue to view, select and edit photos on my phone even when the camera is switched off - How cool is that?!

Click here for a detailed information about the EXILIM Connect. 

2) Make-up Mode
Casio's make-up technology consists of 12 varying levels of smoothness and skin tone on 6 levels from fair to tan. Now we can all have fair and flawless skin! 

Here is an image of Gecks and I  with skin tone at level 0 and smoothness at level 4. The picture turned out so good, no further editing was required. 

The EX-TR60 uses a large 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor and a molded glass lens that actually allows more light to reach the senor hence subtle details such as the subject's most delicate features are clearly captured, leading to vibrant images even in low light conditions. 

The EX-TR60 also features a Make Up Bracketing Mode which simultaneously captures 3 images with varying skin tones, cutting back time in getting the PERFECT selfie. 

3) Self-Timer
The self timer function is great for group shots and I really love how convenient it is! All I have to do is drag the self timer button downward to specify the countdown duration (2-10 seconds) and the camera will automatically shoot an image when the countdown reaches 0.

Moving on to my favourite feature of the EX-TR60 > Selfie Art Mode 

The Selfie Art Mode features 6 artistic effects namely High Key, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgia, Vivid & "Square" which automatically adjusts the image ratio to 1:1, just for Instagram! :P Below are some of the images I took on the EX-TR60 with absolutely no editing! Please don't judge my selfies D: 

High Key; Results in a natural lighting effect 

Nostalgia; Evokes a sentimental mode 

Fairy; Accentuates feminine facial features 

Vivid; Brightens photos
I personally like to use this mode for food and objects 

Other than the awesome art filters, I'm also very pleased with the built-in flash that isn't too harsh! I bet you wouldn't have guessed that the photos below were taken with flash if I didn't tell you :P 

Vivid + Flash 

High Key + Flash 

Click HERE to find out more about the specs of this camera and also follow their FB page for latest updates HERE! I'll definitely be sharing more photos taken by this camera on this blog.

*Exclusively for EX- TR60 Nuffnang Influencers' Readers*
Redeem a $100 G-Factory voucher with every purchase of the EX-TR60 from 1st to 31st July! Only applicable for purchases done at EXILIM authorized retailers:  Collection of vouchers must be done latest by 7th of August 2015.

(*Terms and conditions apply*) 

The redemption of the vouchers will be done at Mojito Redemption Centre (#04-10) at Funan DigitaLife Mall and readers will have to flash this post and present the proof of purchase + IC upon collection of the vouchers.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead! x
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