Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What I Wore

I meant to do another update on Phuket but I don't have much time left before I have to scoot off for my next meeting so I shall do a (HOLLYHOQUE) outfits post instead! 
All taken on precious Jonas!
He is a Canon 6D and pictures are taken using the 50mm portrait lens (: 

 Sweetness Anise Midi Dress - Black 
Available for purchase HERE 

 Portia Grapic Blazer - Yellow
Available for purchase HERE

 Maddison Textured Romper - Black
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 Marbled Bliss Blouse
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Innocent Love Strap Dress - Blue 
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 Savannah Slit Maxi Dress - Grey 
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After Party Denim Jacket - Light Denim 
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 Effortless Elegance Blouse - Red
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 Simple Does It Maxi Dress - Black 
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Cabana Weekend Kimono - Navy
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Cerisse Bodycon Striped Dress - Black
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 Right To Retro Blouse - Red 
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Hold On Tight Midi Skirt - Red 
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Static Felicity Knit Top - Black 
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Holiday In Panama Hat 
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tteobboki Sisters In Seoul - Photobook 1

2 months back, Liz and I scooted off to Kimchi land for a good 6 days and it was one of the best trips I had! Liz was like a big sister and took great care of me :P She helped me with half my shopping bags all 6 days because I'm just weak like that. I slept in every morning while she went to the gym and she never fails to get me breakfast making sure I eat so I won't be grumpy hahaha <3 

We took the red eye flight and landed in Seoul bright and early (: Got a wifi egg then bought our airport limousine tickets (15,000 won each) to The Plaza Hotel located near Myeongdong. Its my 2nd time staying at The Plaza and I really like its location! Walk-able distance to Myeongdong within 5 minutes and just 3 minutes walk away from the City Hall Station. We decided to pamper ourselves and booked the suite that was about SGD500 a night (Photos below!) 

Check-in time for most hotels in Korea is from 2-3 so we dropped off our baggages at the hotel and headed to Itaewon, where my favourite "Banchan" (Also known as side dishes) is! :D Facing the road from IP Boutique hotel, turn left and walk straight until you see Cafe Benne (: Continue walking until you see an alley on your left. The signboard of the restaurant is in bright Orange so its pretty easy to spot. I don't know the exact address and can only try my best to describe the directions :( When you're there, just ask for the "Banchan" set! I'll usually order an extra steam egg to go with the meal (: That was a great meal to start our first morning in Seoul and Liz enjoyed herself as much as I did! 

We shopped around Myeongdong before slowly making our way back to the hotel for check-in! I remember changing into my PJs then plopping onto the bed while Liz headed straight for the gym. By the time I got up from my afternoon nap, it was time for dinner! We decided to take dinner nearby because we had party plans later in the night. I brought her to this seafood restaurant (A friend brought me there on my previous trip to Seoul) located in the Myeongdong shopping area and that was where we found the BEST SPICY CLAM SOUP *SLURPS*. It was so good, I can still remember how it tastes.  

The night saw us at Octagon with some friends who so happen to be in Seoul at that time too. We only got back at 7AM so I'll leave what happened in between to your imagination (: 

PS: Skirt and pants on Liz and I are still available on www.hollyhoque.com x

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

24th In Phuket - Day 1

HELLO! Finally a non sponsored post. 
Let me try to revive this space with an update on my recent trip to Phuket in celebration of my 24th birthday!
Its our 3rd time there in 2 years and we're still not sick of it. 

After some research, we settled for the Sri Panwa Resort located in a quiet corner of South-East Phuket.
This part of Phuket is relatively quieter, perfect for some quality time with your other half. 
It costed us SGD800+ a night for the Ocean View Pool Suite, a little pricey but it was one helluva amazing experience. I should let the pictures do the talking (: 

We stayed at Cape Panwa Hotel (Just 5 minutes drive away from Sri Panwa) on our first night because we took the evening flight there and only arrived in Phuket at about 7ish. Would have been silly of us to pay for the Pool Suite at Sri Panwa since more than half the day was gone. 

J arranged for hotel transfer (1400 Baht) and the ride took approximately an hour.

What greeted us upon arrival!

My favourite corner at the lobby.

The pool area.
It was already pretty dark when we got there and I have no idea how my camera managed to make the skies looked so blue. Jacob (My few months old EPL-6) you're awesome :P 

Where we spent the night!

Not too shabby for SGD190!

 There was even an outdoor Jacuzzi tub

& a spacious lounge area (: 

Used a tram (1 minute ride) to Panwa House for dinner after we dropped off our baggages.

Chui after-flight faces calls for B/W filter hahaha
(Don't ask me what happened to my boyfriend's face in the first and third photo lol)

Panwa House serves Thai food and is located right next to the Cape Panwa Beach.
This colonial era Sino-Portuguese house has been a Phuket icon for over a hundred years. 

It was a pleasure just looking at the furnishings. 

When in Phuket, drink coconut juice :P 
I had at least one a day throughout our 5 days there.

For 2!

It was the perfect meal to kick-start our vacation in Phuket 
and we called it a night early with our very happy bellies (: