Thursday, June 28, 2012


A quick post because I'm stealing work time to do this :|

Outfit on a Saturday night out!
HH's Floral Bouquet Chiffon Dress in Black 

With Gecks

Coming up on Hollyhoque tonight, in 3 lovely colours :D 

HH's Vintage Denim Oversized Top - Vintage Wash

Close up 

Favourite of the lot!! > HH's Scallop Crochet Tank Dress in Black 
PS: Rainbow Skull Bracelet & Neon Plate Necklace will also be up for sale. 

Don't forget to catch us tonight at 8PM!
Be there! xx

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gradient x

I'm still alive!!
Sorry for the lack of updates :( 
Haven't been well the past couple of days and I blame the insane weather. 
Drink lots of water and don't forget your Vitamin C people! 

Went down to TNS earlier this evening for my monthly nail fix. 
Lookie at my awesome Gelish gradient nail art, courtesy of Mabs!
So arty farty (: 

You can get the same set at $95 inclusive of Gelish manicure. 
Do take note that the nail art may vary slightly on every individual. 

Outfit today x

Those of you who still want the tank top in White/Navy but couldn't get it, 
quickly go check out from our website now! We have a few pieces available due to deadbuyers.

Another remake of one of HH's bestsellers (: 
Button Line Up High Waist Shorts in Mint!
Love to death. 
Original inspiration came from Miss Selfridge.

(Surprise item coming up on HH tomorrow! :P) 

Nicolethetiny is back in town again and we're going to happeningzz later lol. 

Here's my ensemble tonight :D 

The shipment came last week but because I've been nursing my sick body at home, 
I haven't got a chance to wear them out! :( 

PS: Floral shorts & basic cropped top are upcoming HH items (: 

The eyelets are 10000x prettier in reality :( 
No idea why it looks like stains in this picture. Pfft. 

Slight heel

+ Anti slip base 

Looks like it is worth a hundred bucks but of course you won't have to pay so much at HH :P 

I have to get going now before Nic screams at me for being late again :| 

Will update this space tomorrow!

Ciao x 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Dreams

Hello everyone! :D 

I've been receiving comments telling me to update my blog but I really have nothing to write about because 
1) I haven't been going out
2) I've been so caught up with work

Since I have nothing much to share, 
I thought I'll just do a mini preview of the items coming up on HH 161 tomorrow (: 

Followers of the HH FB page, you would probably notice that our preview posts for Summer Loving Ribbed Tanks and A Perfect Scoop Tee gathered more than 300 likes each and that means, they'll be sold at only $15.50!! :D 

Yes, we're not kidding and the best part is, 
we used a better material this time (Compared to the Button Down Ribbed Tanks) 
100% Cotton and extremely comfortable to be in. 
It is SO STRETCHABLE! Can go up to like 20" across lol. 
I already kept aside 2 sets each design/colour myself :P 

Mm, if you still do not know what I'm talking about. 
Heres 2 pictures! 

Close Up: 

Wore it immediately after the shipment came hehe!


I was in Off The Shoulders Top - Heather Grey.

In White & Cocoa

Made of everyone's favourite Jersey Cotton ^^

Zara Inspired. 
Took me a super long time to find a non prick shimmer material!!

Close up.

Hahaha because I designed this from scratch!
Even chose the material from the fabric market myself (: 
PS: It is the same prints used on the Dreamy Blossoms Top haha!
Although that top isn't manufactured by us, the prints really attracted me to bring it in :P 

Close up > 

Cho pretty right? :D 

Lace in Love Dress 
Another favourite. 
Ripped off one of the VIVI magazine pages, oops!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to nothing

Blogger ate up all my pictures and 
I had to hide all the previous posts so I won't see the weird question mark pictures.

Slowly accepting the fact that all my pictures are gone 
but  please don't play another stunt like this on me again.
My heart won't be able to take it.
Sigh, June hasn't been treating me well :( 

That aside, I have with me, some pictures from Wednesday (Butter Cookies) at Butter!

With D!

Because we were early, we went to queue for free drinks!!
Haven't done this in a super long time haha fun. 
They give away different drinks every half an hour 
but we only managed to queue for Jagger Bomb :( 

Enjoying some alone time with our Beers hahaha


Bottle > Diana

Loving my new curls <3


Cutiepie x


GET FAT TIME & always my favourite part of a night out. 

Although I'll be away on a work trip over the weekend, TGIF everyone! 
Have a great weekend ahead! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I can haz curly hair!

Curled my hair with Von at Estique, located within Pacific Plaza level 3 yesterday! :D 
Went for the digital perm and Xiujun (The girl who did my perm) did such a wonderful job!
I got exactly the kind of loose waves I want. 

The whole process took about 3 hours but it was worth all the discomfort being glued to the seat ^^
Costs $280 for my hair length.
For those of you who are interested,
Von can be contacted at 92995052!

Now, any kind soul wants to sponsor me for hair treatments? :P 
Desperately need it so my hair won't turn into pork floss :|

Upcoming HH Item: Collar Lace Palette Dress - Cream/Sunshine 
Inspired from ASOS :P 

I know how Jeans x Slippers don't go but I was in a rush that day and couldn't find the flats I want so...

I was wearing, (Upcoming on HH) Ruche Sleeves Peplum Top in Orange. 

SO DAMN GORGEOUS, the sleeves. 
Makes my arms 2x smaller and the peplum body enhances the figure soo well. 

I'm in love. 
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