Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I can haz curly hair!

Curled my hair with Von at Estique, located within Pacific Plaza level 3 yesterday! :D 
Went for the digital perm and Xiujun (The girl who did my perm) did such a wonderful job!
I got exactly the kind of loose waves I want. 

The whole process took about 3 hours but it was worth all the discomfort being glued to the seat ^^
Costs $280 for my hair length.
For those of you who are interested,
Von can be contacted at 92995052!

Now, any kind soul wants to sponsor me for hair treatments? :P 
Desperately need it so my hair won't turn into pork floss :|

Upcoming HH Item: Collar Lace Palette Dress - Cream/Sunshine 
Inspired from ASOS :P 

I know how Jeans x Slippers don't go but I was in a rush that day and couldn't find the flats I want so...

I was wearing, (Upcoming on HH) Ruche Sleeves Peplum Top in Orange. 

SO DAMN GORGEOUS, the sleeves. 
Makes my arms 2x smaller and the peplum body enhances the figure soo well. 

I'm in love. 

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