Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Dreams

Hello everyone! :D 

I've been receiving comments telling me to update my blog but I really have nothing to write about because 
1) I haven't been going out
2) I've been so caught up with work

Since I have nothing much to share, 
I thought I'll just do a mini preview of the items coming up on HH 161 tomorrow (: 

Followers of the HH FB page, you would probably notice that our preview posts for Summer Loving Ribbed Tanks and A Perfect Scoop Tee gathered more than 300 likes each and that means, they'll be sold at only $15.50!! :D 

Yes, we're not kidding and the best part is, 
we used a better material this time (Compared to the Button Down Ribbed Tanks) 
100% Cotton and extremely comfortable to be in. 
It is SO STRETCHABLE! Can go up to like 20" across lol. 
I already kept aside 2 sets each design/colour myself :P 

Mm, if you still do not know what I'm talking about. 
Heres 2 pictures! 

Close Up: 

Wore it immediately after the shipment came hehe!


I was in Off The Shoulders Top - Heather Grey.

In White & Cocoa

Made of everyone's favourite Jersey Cotton ^^

Zara Inspired. 
Took me a super long time to find a non prick shimmer material!!

Close up.

Hahaha because I designed this from scratch!
Even chose the material from the fabric market myself (: 
PS: It is the same prints used on the Dreamy Blossoms Top haha!
Although that top isn't manufactured by us, the prints really attracted me to bring it in :P 

Close up > 

Cho pretty right? :D 

Lace in Love Dress 
Another favourite. 
Ripped off one of the VIVI magazine pages, oops!


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