Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geck's convocation

Back from my staycation but before I start blogging about it, 
pictures from Geck's convocation first! 

Slit Pocket Shirt in Vanilla (Coming up on HH this week) 

Multi Ruche Bandage Skirt in Fuchsia

Flowers for the girl

The happy girl in her graduation robe

With super cute Ah Ma

Far East Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch with Gecks & Audrey 
before the girls came over to my office for some shopping :P

Always the best choice whenever we can't decide on a place to have lunch at in town (: 

I'll be right back with more updates!
Lots of outdated pictures chalking up :(

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HH x CKL 22/07

I'd like to thank to all of you who turned up for our first ever public appearance at Zouk :D 
Also big love to my family and friends who emptied their Sunday schedule just to be there to help out <3

It is great meeting some of HH's customers in person and I hope all of you had a good time shopping (:
Those of you who couldn't make it due to other commitments, we hope to see you at our next event!
New arrivals sold at the event will be made available online soon! 

Some pictures from the event before I sign off >
(Will upload the full album on FB soon!)

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Of food and dolling up

Bejeweled Collar Party Frock - Navy (S) 
Contrast Toe Cap Ballet Flats - Silver (36) 

Saturday's date

It was raining the whole morning so we snuggled longer in bed and only got up at 1 :P 

Me #1

Me #2

Lunch + shopping at Ikea 


This place reminds me a lot of my secondary school days.
I used to skip track training with my friends and go there just for meatballs lol

Ikea's signature chicky wings ^^

Roasted chicken rice for J!
New dish on the menu & surprisingly tastes good! 

Lol at his I just want to eat face. 

Hair and make up for Gaja! last week (: 
Had my hair up in a pony tail because my curls are almost gone 
and the ends just look like a fizzy mess of shitzzzz :( 
Need to do something about it, pronto. 

I'm really NOT into leopard prints or anything. 
Got this jumper from Miss Selfridge because I super like the fit/cutting 
and want to make something similar for HH.
Don't worry, I didn't pick leopard prints for the ones we are manufacturing :P 

Just because Jwong wanted some Prawn Mee haha

Mm my prawn mee without prawns? :P 
Pacific clams > prawns anytime. 

 AHH my hair !@!!$&@5^7!!

Quick lunch at E-Sarn (Upper Thomson) with the Boyf before running errands.

Hehe always must order Chicken with basil leaves :P

Crispy eggggg! 
Super oily, super sinful but super yummy.

Special order. 
Must fry with chili padi. 
Not spicy I don't like!

High Neckline Grecian Midi - Coral

Started using my iPad again ^^
Loving this new app I just bought! - Wikly 
To keep track of my schedules/ to-dos.

Really like how the neckline complements the collar bones! 
Like a sexy.

PS: Cropped cardigan I was wearing will be up for sale at the event! :D
Inspired from one of the pieces I for from Korea last year. 
Love the intricate eyelet details. 

J's first Pedicure experience at The Nail Status. 

I'm still not over the gradient craze so I got Perlin to do it for me again! :D 
In the new Gelish colour above. 
Will share a picture of my nails soon!!

See how the colours look on my toes!! 
Major love <3

Shoutout before I go off; 

Its 4 days to the Chic Kiss Love event and I really wish to see all of you there! :D 
Do come down to Zouk on the 22nd July (1PM) 
and lend Hollyhoque your support! 
The clearance sale is imba!! 
Prices starting from as low as $5. 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Double Date @ Valentino's

So, after our video shoot last Tuesday, Nicole, Nat, Jy and I went on a double date! ^^
Its been a long time since we had a double date together. 
Had cravings for pasta that day so I told Nic to book us dinner at Valentino's!
One of my favouritest Italian restaurants in Singapore :D 
So lucky we got a table because we were super last minute and they are usually quite packed! 
For those of you who don't know, they have shifted to Turf City since Sunday!
Bigger eating area, more parking space and longer operating hours :D YAY

JY and I are big fans of their Vongole Linguine but because the clams weren't fresh that day,
the chef told us to pick something else from the menu.
Like that they are so thoughtful and only want the best for their consumers <3

So as recommended, I tried their Aglio Olio with Prawns (Top left picture)
and it was equally awesome! Another dish to order next time.

Didn't get a full view of my dress that night but its an upcoming printed tube dress coming up on HH!

Close up 

& just because you're a reader of my blog,
you get to see the video we did for the Chic Kiss Love event first! :P

ALL the items you see from shoes, to bags to dresses are from HH!
& most will be sold at the event (:

Remember the Supre Knit Eyelet Cardigan I abused to death?
Yes! It will be sold at the event as well (:
There are at least 20 new designs that will be up for sale and I'll try to show more sneaks soon!

For now, enjoy the video!!

Credits to GG for this wonderful video <3
PS: It is only 1 minute long because it is the criteria for it to be played at the event ;(
Can't wait for the making of our next video!

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