Thursday, July 12, 2012

All About Work Weekend

Last weekend was spent in China approving and trying new samples. 
Also settled the logistics for an upcoming event (Chic Kiss Love) Hollyhoque will be participating in. 
More details will be revealed soon so stay tuned. 
In the mean time, mark 22nd July (Sunday) on your calendars and come support us!

Now, random snippets taken over the busy weekend!!

Everyday make-up

Loose powder from 3W Clinic
(Before you start asking where I got it from, Gmarket!!)
Blush from Chanel
 Highlighter (Cheeks & Nose) from Mac
Eyebrow Powder from Dolly Wink
Eye Shadow - Naked Palette 2 
Eyeliner & Mascara from Heroine Make
(Thanks to Zoe for the recommendation, I now swear by these 2 products!!)
Under-eye Concealer from RMK

Criss Cross Panel Knit Dress - Teal
(Coming up on HH 164) 

Close up of the gorgeous knit details <3

When we get too busy..

My awesome gradient nails by THE NAIL STATUS :D 

Oh boy, what will I do without him managing the accounts :|

Well, just because the weather was erratic :|
Sunny this minute, downpour the next.

Korean food for dinner! 
The only free time we get - at night where we can finally take a break and have a proper meal!

Kimchi Jjiggae

Samgyupsal ~


While J was cooking, I was just snapping away lol.

Took like more than 20 cooking pictures but I'm not going to bore you with that :P 
Last one! 

Colour Block Hi-Low Top - Grey/Black
Polka Dot Denim Shorts - Dark Denim 
(Also coming up on HH soon!) 

Those denim shorts are my favourite :P 
Irresistibly cute!
I wore it to match one of the tops for our previous photoshoot 
and received a handful of emails asking where I got those shorts from!
Hehe those who asked, don't forget to catch the launch! 

Quick lunch at the hotel

Wheres my food face

Om nom

1x act yi ge don't know I taking photo of him lol 

Temporary work station and the Vit C chew-able tablets I cannot live without lol

& ending off with 2 shameless pictures of myself in my new PUR-RED hair!! <3 


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