Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Of food and dolling up

Bejeweled Collar Party Frock - Navy (S) 
Contrast Toe Cap Ballet Flats - Silver (36) 

Saturday's date

It was raining the whole morning so we snuggled longer in bed and only got up at 1 :P 

Me #1

Me #2

Lunch + shopping at Ikea 


This place reminds me a lot of my secondary school days.
I used to skip track training with my friends and go there just for meatballs lol

Ikea's signature chicky wings ^^

Roasted chicken rice for J!
New dish on the menu & surprisingly tastes good! 

Lol at his I just want to eat face. 

Hair and make up for Gaja! last week (: 
Had my hair up in a pony tail because my curls are almost gone 
and the ends just look like a fizzy mess of shitzzzz :( 
Need to do something about it, pronto. 

I'm really NOT into leopard prints or anything. 
Got this jumper from Miss Selfridge because I super like the fit/cutting 
and want to make something similar for HH.
Don't worry, I didn't pick leopard prints for the ones we are manufacturing :P 

Just because Jwong wanted some Prawn Mee haha

Mm my prawn mee without prawns? :P 
Pacific clams > prawns anytime. 

 AHH my hair !@!!$&@5^7!!

Quick lunch at E-Sarn (Upper Thomson) with the Boyf before running errands.

Hehe always must order Chicken with basil leaves :P

Crispy eggggg! 
Super oily, super sinful but super yummy.

Special order. 
Must fry with chili padi. 
Not spicy I don't like!

High Neckline Grecian Midi - Coral

Started using my iPad again ^^
Loving this new app I just bought! - Wikly 
To keep track of my schedules/ to-dos.

Really like how the neckline complements the collar bones! 
Like a sexy.

PS: Cropped cardigan I was wearing will be up for sale at the event! :D
Inspired from one of the pieces I for from Korea last year. 
Love the intricate eyelet details. 

J's first Pedicure experience at The Nail Status. 

I'm still not over the gradient craze so I got Perlin to do it for me again! :D 
In the new Gelish colour above. 
Will share a picture of my nails soon!!

See how the colours look on my toes!! 
Major love <3

Shoutout before I go off; 

Its 4 days to the Chic Kiss Love event and I really wish to see all of you there! :D 
Do come down to Zouk on the 22nd July (1PM) 
and lend Hollyhoque your support! 
The clearance sale is imba!! 
Prices starting from as low as $5. 

Leave a comment/question on my formspring!

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