Thursday, August 9, 2012

Subway's Beef Pastrami

Friday 10/08
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Decided to go for light lunch yesterday because
I binged a lot the past couple of days. 
Blame birthday celebrations :P 

My idea of a light lunch = Subway :D 

Was greeted by a huge poster at the entrance. 

"I've got Beef Pastrami on my mind" 

I usually have their Cold Cut Trio but decided to go for a change
and ordered the above instead because the poster portrayed the meat to be so juicy!

 It is also only available for a limited time only so it’s best to try it as soon as possible!

LOVE how Subway allows us to customize our sandwiches! ^^ 
I'm always loyal to Italian because it is soft and chewy! 

Choose cheeze

I chose Lettuce, Tomatoes and Cucumbers for the veggies in my sandwich
& not forgetting the fat free Honey Mustard sauce.

Also added $2.90 to complete my meal with a drink and cookie! 

The camera gets to eat first :P 
Like that they are so generous with the beef!
 The beef layer is thick enough to bite into and taste the spices.

Meat is also very well marinated as can be seen from the amount of spices used on the outer layer :D 

There is a slight smokey peppery taste to it; I cannot forget.
Meat was very succulent and tasty!
It also goes pretty well with my favourite honey mustard sauce!

While I was indulging in my sandwich,
the evil boyfriend decided to take (Unflattering) photos of me eating 
and I couldn't be bothered to stop him because 

Om nom

This indulgent sub is only available for a limited period of time, until 31st August
so try it before they take it off the menu!! 

Hop on over to Subway’s FB page to be instantly updated of their products/promotions!  


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