Thursday, July 5, 2012


Back as promised, with more pictures!

I love that Saturdays are Boyfriend days.  
J and I have been so busy with our own work lately we hardly get to spend time together :( 
Thankful for Saturdays! :D 

Happy us 

We were meant to meet Jwong for lunch at this Nasi Briyani place but the stall was closed ;( 

But anyway, I took it as a blessing in disguise because I got to eat my favourite


Parted ways with Jwong and headed to town for some shopping before we decided it is too crowded 
& headed home for a nap. 

It was raining a lot that say so I wore an upcoming floral blazer with a recently launched high waist shorts. 

Close up of the abstract floral prints <3 
Pretty or pretty? 

Later at night, Korean dinner (At Man Bok, located near Tanjong Pagar) with Jwong & Nic.

Nic's favourite, Makeoli.

My first time trying Soybean Paste Kimchi Soup!
Pretty good!

Best friends forever

That night I went to Taboo for Liquid Buffet > Avalon > Zouk.
Haven't club hopped in the longest time!


There were a lot more pictures that night but they all turned out blur 
because I accidentally set it to the wrong mode :| 

Hehe top & shoes I was in are coming up soon on HH! :D 

Ambassador for HHomme? 

It was our Monthsary (89th!) on Monday and the boy surprised me by applying for half day off! :D
I know many people think that Month-saries are stupid, don't judge. 
It constantly reminds us to be thankful for each other. 

We went shopping and had Thai dinner together at some restaurant in Wisma, right below DTF!
Everywhere else was packed so we just randomly tried our luck in that restaurant 
& the food was surprisingly good! :D 

He ordered all the dishes I love! > 

How can we miss out Tom yam goong when having Thai food. 
So tasty that J wanted another bowl! 
I also like that they are so generous with the mushrooms :D

Minced pork with basil leave

Favourite of Favourites <3
Stir fried morning glory!!

Everything wiped out, by the 2 of us. 
Tell me, how not to get fat lol. 

Outfit that day
A Perfect Scoop Top - Pastel Yellow
Paperbag Waist Printed Skorts - Sepia


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