Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taipei - Day 2

Got up extremely early the next morning to catch our train ride to Yilan, Gueishan Island. 

Decked in Hollyhoque from top to toe.
1) Tank-a-look Racerfront Top in Taupe
2) (Upcoming) Floral Aura Shorts 
After hearing so much likes about the prints for our previously launched Vintage Aura Skirt, 
we decided to make it into shorts as well! :D 
3) Weaved Thong Sandals in Brown
Backorders for the sandals are here and we will have the orders packed + mailed within the next 2 days! 

Please don't email us to purchase the extras yet as we are planning to make use of our new shop space 
to hold a pre-renovation sale and might be selling the extras there (: 
YES! We went to collect the keys today!!

How rare to see the train station empty like this

The train ticket that we bought on our first day there (: 
The train departs at 6.30am from Taipei Main Station, which is one stop away from Ximending Station. 

Here we are!! :D Super early.
Left our hotel at 6am and got there at around 6.15am (:

Journey from Taipei to Yilan took slightly more than an hour

Whoopidoo! On board the train :D 

Both of us super happy when we got to Yilan! Take picture somemore.
But guess what, we went to ask around how to get to Gueishan Island 
and someone directed us to another train station!
*Bubble burst* 

Thank goodness the right train station is only a couple of stops away!!
Immediately cabbed to the Wushi Jetty upon arriving.

Got there at 8.50AM, just in time for the 9AM boat (: 


& our 2 hour boat ride begins...

The lovely view from where we were seated.
This is what old couples do, we go on sight seeing tours, 
discover new places & just enjoy each other's company (: 

& here comes the highlight of this ride



I was practically squealing at the top of my voice at this sight. 
I have never seen so many dolphins up-close and circling around me!! Okay fine, the boat. 

It was an amazing amazing sight

I guess the pictures speak for itself. 
It is really a lifetime experience. 
If you do head to Taiwan next time, please go to Gueishan Island!! 

Went to the upper deck on our return journey to simply enjoy the breeze

& this picture shall mark the end of our Gueishan Island Boat Tour (: 

Spotted a seafood restaurant next to the jetty and settled our lunch there 
We had zero expectations of the food there because the place just looked, old and quiet
But we guessed wrong! The seafood was solid.

Prawns with egg 
I am never a fan of prawns but these things were so so fresh 
I couldn't resist putting one after another into my mouth!

Stir Fried Scallops
Chewy, tasty, juicy and everything positive!

Clear Clam Soup
The clams were so fresh and juicy I could taste the ocean lol. 
Have honestly never tasted anything better than this! 

Deep Fried Oysters

Jy's #OOTD #Homme
Haha! HHomme will be releasing its 3rd installment soon (: 

We didn't know where to go after lunch 
so we asked a random uncle and he suggested that we go up to the "Castle"!
He even got us a cab! 
Why all the Taiwanese so nice one! <3

Here we are! (: It is actually a coffee place at one of the highest point within that area.

It was a hot afternoon so everyone hid in the air-con area :|


Up on the highest floor of the coffee joint


Took the train back to Taipei & headed to Taipei 101 for some shopping (: 

Followed by dinner at Din Tai Fung!
Our must visit every time we go to Taipei and we always order the same stuff lol

Appetizer - my favourite giant bean sprouts :D 

Hot & Sour Soup

XLBs! Duh

Shrimp + Pork Fried Rice

It was more shopping around the Shinkong area 
before we headed back to the hotel to help out with the previous launch. 
True blue workaholics hahaha :P 

Its getting late! I'll continue with Day 2 (Part II) tomorrow! (: 

Thanks for reading! x 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Taipei - Day 1

It has become a yearly affair to travel to Taipei since J and I first visited 4-5 years back.
We usually fly there via Cathay Pacific so we get a stopover at Hongkong on our way back. 
Got our tickets from Asia-Euro during a travel fair held at Suntec a couple of months ago at $1,300 
including 3 nights stay at Prudential Hotel in Hongkong. 

Booked our Taipei hotel - Han She Hotel separately because we did a check on www.booking.com 
and it was a lot cheaper if we get it there.
Asia-Euro quoted us about $150 a night and we got it for only $85! 

As we did not buy the hotel stay from them, we had to settle airport transfer ourselves.

That wasn't a problem because the Free Go Airport Bus stops right opposite our hotel! 

A single journey ticket costs about SGD6.

Excuse my crappy face, the shipment for the cardigan that many girls asked about is here! :D 
(Will be up for sale this week!) 
This is the same cardigan I wore in Cream together with my High Neckline Grecian Midi.

I also bought the internet prepaid SIM valid for 4 days at TWD250 = $10+
(Can be purchased from the telecom booths at the airport) 
Unlimited internet access throughout my stay at Taipei ^^
You can't make calls with this SIM card unfortunately. 

Where we boarded the bus

50 minutes later, at our hotel

This is my 3rd stay at Han She Hotel.
I keep going back because of its close proximity to Ximending and it is extremely value for money. 
You also get free WIFI in the rooms! 

Those travelling in big groups will be happy to find out they offer family rooms.
They have the option of 2/3 queen sized beds in a room! 

The reception on the 4th floor.

Our humble abode for the next few days. 
Nothing fanciful about the room but it is clean and has all the gadgets you need in a hotel room. 

Toilet, reasonably spacious.

Standard mirror shot whenever I reach a new hotel room :P 

While JY takes a shower, I camwhore :P 

Close up of my top! (: 
Coming up on Hollyhoque soon. 
Made of the material used for polo tees! Very comfy.

The road junction we pass by every morning to get to the train station. 

After a 3-min walk, we arrived at XI MEN DING!

Went to look for Ah Zhong Mien Xian the moment we got there.

There are many small lanes at XMD, so remember this one to look for Ah Zhong Mien Xian!
It is located a few shops away from here.


Our Mee Sua!! 
*Rubs hand in glee*

Slurp ^^


The food hunt continues...
Located near The Face Shop (: 

Many flavours to choose from but our favourite is still cheese topping


Happiness  ><

Flavoured fishballs a couple of stalls next to the BBQ Mua Chee 
I like Curry!

How can we forget 50 Lan's Milk Tea?
See JY drink until so happy :D 

Watsons Taipei; All vain girls MUST VISIT 
They carry so many makeup brands not available in SG!! 

Stocked up on more Heroine Make's Mascara! <3

Off to Taipei Main Station to get our train tickets for Yilan the next day (: 


Cutie <3

Lao Zhang Beef Noodles

Nearest train station > C.K.S train station, 105 Ai Guo East Road. 
Its a pretty long walk from the train station so be prepared! 

Last makan stop before our bellies close shop lol

Thumbs up for the springy hand pulled noodles and hearty soup base!
It would be great if the beef chunks were smaller though! 

The meat was so well cooked that it literally melted in my mouth. Ngom

Headed to Shida Night Market thereafter for some shopping and that was all for Day 1 (: 
I still can't decide if Shilin Night Market or Shida Night Market is better 
so I think you should visit both if possible!

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