Sunday, August 12, 2012

French w Stripes

So proud of myself for being so diligent in blogging :D

Tuesday 07/08;

Because the boyf had an appointment at FEP, 
I scheduled to do my nails at TNS too!
Just so I can get a free ride :P

Still using his $2.50 sunnies we got from Korea last July lol

Hair and make-up

#Armswag + true colour of my first ever cotton candy pink blazer!
(Will be released for sale on HH tomorrow at 8PM) 

Received a couple of questions on FS asking how to pair it
so here are some looks for reference! (: 

PS: Images below do not belong to me and are found on the internet. 

Look #1 

Look #2 

Look #3 

Look #4 

& this was how I paired it; 

Over HH's Pocket Slack Tee in White and a pair of denim shorts. 

He think he beauty

2 shots with Mabs before I left!

French w Stripes by The Nail Status
Gelish: $50
Nail Art: $45 

Find them at Far East Plaza, #04-69 (: 

Settled for lunch at Ramen Ten before heading back to the office. 

Haven't had it in a long time and I forgot how much I used to love it. 

Ending off with a self shot of zee retarded boyf  :P 

Enjoy the rest of Sunday & thanks for reading!

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