Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm in Taipei!

Blogging from Taipei right now!
Many thanks to the lovely ladies who gave me tips on where to go and eat! 
I'll share them here really soon but before I do that, I need to finish up my long overdue posts (: 

Early brunch at Sushi Tei, Thomson Plaza
with the Boyf on a weekday last week before heading to the office! 

My favourite 'commercialized' Japanese restaurant ^^ 

This was just like 1/3 of what we had :|
Jy is a monster eater!!

Both of us looking o.O
Puffy morning faces lol

Spicy Miso UDON!
New on the menu :D 
They used to only have it with ramen but now they included 2 more choices! Udon and Soba. 
Happy udon fan here haha

2 dishes we never fail to order: Deep Fried Cuttlefish

& Chawanmushi 

Used the vouchers we got by exchanging CC points so technically we had a free meal hehe. 
Thank you DBS! :D

In HH's recently launched Tic Tack Buttons Cardigan in Umber,
 A Real Confidence Cropped Top in White
and Contrast Stitch Denim Shorts in Orange! (: 
I cannot explain why but I really like this colour combination a lot!
Goes so well with my new HH shoes :P

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