Thursday, August 16, 2012


Stumbled upon reviews of this 2 storey cafe, L'etoile while hunting for new places to have brunch at. 
The quaint decoration captured my heart the moment we set foot into the restaurant. 

Got what I mean? (: 

Eager beaver giving his orders

I think they recently revamped their menu because from the reviews we read, 
they only had very few options. 
(PS: Love the handwritten menu!!) 

We didn't want to over-order so we shared an Aglio Olio and "I Can't Decide" with a Soup of The Day (: 

Mixed Vegetable Soup with 2 slices of garlic bread that was fantastic. 
Even J, who isn't a fan of soups said its nice!

Our "I Can't Decide" haha! Perfect for people like me who likes to try a bit of everything :P 

It came with accompanying sauces 

The Aglio Olio that I didn't fancy :|
Couldn't taste the olive oil at all and they didn't add my favourite chili flakes :( 

Didn't get to try the cakes because we were too full 
but I'm surely going back again for their all day breakfast and perhaps try the highly raved cakes (: 


Going to the ground floor to settle payments. 

Outdoor seats. 

160 Owen Road

(NEW! unreleased design coming up on HH) 
Tank-a-look Racer Front Top - Dark Heather Grey 

Eye-makeup that day (: 
Been relying a lot on my Heroine Make super black mascara!!

Thats all for now!
Thanks for popping by & good night! xo 

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