Monday, August 13, 2012


Been going out a lot the whole of last week so my skin could hardly breath with all the cosmetics on :( 
Went out make-up free yesterday to give it a break! 

This is a very rare sight because I am usually very self conscious and 
don't take pictures of myself bare faced but my new hair is so awesome!!

Got a hair cut at the salon in my neightbourhood and I AM SO GLAD I DID IT!!
My hair is back to silky straight, albeit a little short :| 

Definitely NOT missing the "Pork Floss"-like dry ends. 
ZOMG just look at it!! Grossness. 

Loose Fit Relax Tank in Orange
& the highly raved Weave Thong Sandals <3 


& look who else got a haircut as well! :P 


Cho pretty

A before picture for comparison. 
Cannot see her eyes at all lol

Alrighty, I'mma get busy with tonight's launch.
Remember to catch us at 8PM!


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