Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks Pet Head!

Look what Tiffy received from Pet Head 2 Saturdays ago! (: 

Mr Ng ripping the hamper..

A set of grooming products!! <3 

From left; 

1) Furtastic - It's a deep conditioning creme rinse that moisturize the coat

2)  Royal Treatment - A gentle shampoo that soothes skin irritation
 and cleans without stripping protective oils.

3) Colour Me Bad - Apply it on the fur like a hair gel and style it. 
You can also spread the gel evenly onto certain areas (ear, tail etc.).
 Please note that the color will be lighter when spread. It can be washed off during bath.
                        Made of vegetable oil, so you need not worry if your pooches were to lick it.

4)  Poof - This magical Spray neutralizes and eliminates odors on contact. 
Just spray on and leave it on. 
Please note that it's not a perfume, so the scent will not last long. It just neutralize the odor.

5) Primpin' Comb - Perfect for medium haired pooches
 (to hold the hair at the base if there's tangle, so that it doesn't pull the skin)

This instantly caught my curiosity.
How cool is that!

Ooh hoho! Lookie like cotton candy!

Life is indeed colourful! Hahaha

It so happen to be an alternate Saturday so we took her out for a run at Bishan Park (: 

Just got off the car only, RUN!!!!!!!! Feng diao dog.

Her pink tail received at least 3 passerby's "SO CUTE" :P
They also have it in Blue, Green and Purple!
Maybe I should do multi coloured polka dots on her next time haha! 

20 minutes later.. 
Panting like crazee 


2nd time at Canopy, first for dinner (: 

Those of you who are wondering, Canopy is located within Bishan Park
& you are allowed to bring your pets!

Stoning next to us

Super awesome beef cubes!!
The meat was so perfectly cooked.

Very average Aglio Olio

Mixed Platter!
Of which only the calamari, wings and sotong balls were good.
We'll probably order them separately if we go back again!

Basic Tank Maxi Dress in Black paired with Weave Thong Sandals (:

Due to customers request, we have decided to open BO for the Basic Tank Maxi Dress in Black & Navy together with the sold out items from HH 167 (:

Hop on over to to secure a slot now! :D

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