Monday, August 13, 2012

The Line

Back at the office and as the boys are shifting boxes and making space for new stocks, 
I decided to blog again (: 
Won't be of much help anyway 

Pretty lens flare effect, no editing at all! 

Sorry if my narcissistic car shots are starting to bore you :( 
There is nothing else to do in car journeys! 

No idea how my hair ended up with a centre parting that day so I had to clip it up :| 

Contrast Collar Peterpan Dress - Blue/Black
Woven Weave Flats - Blue

Close up of the details!

Went for buffet dinner at The Line at Shangri-La Hotel as our vouchers were going to expire!

The Line always always bring back fond memories, 
probably because we had our 1st anniversary dinner there.
We always joke that someday we will hold our wedding dinner there :P  

Started the buffet with some meat and noodles (: 

Chef preparing our meats!

Chose to sit outdoor because it is quieter and I'm really not the air-con kinda person. 

Fatty pork was the bombz, we had like 3 servings of that :D 

Prawn Mee was average..


Besides the impeccable service, The Line also carries a wide variation of cuisines.
Just to name a few; Indian, Chinese, Japanese and I think they recently started a small corner for Korean! (: 

Indoor seats

Don't be amazed but this is my first time ever trying raw oysters lol. 
I always give it a pass because it looks like it'll give me a really bad tummy-ache afterwards :| 

I must be feeling really adventurous that day to pick 2 onto my plate lol
Was apprehensive but right after my first mouthful, I was completely sold. 
Can't quite put a finger on it but I really love the texture and it tastes like the sea.
Om ngom. 

You can be sure I went for more after that hahaha

Sashimi was fresh as well, not like the crap kind D and I had at Todai :|

The men's plate


Dim sum for you? 

Chicken Satay = 棒

My favourite section and probably every girl's. 
This is embarrassing but I was so full I had to release the rope on my dress to make space for desserts :| 

Holding hands with you was the best decision I ever made <3 

Have a pleasant week ahead people! (: 

I'm counting down to my yearly TPE/HKG trip!!

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