Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twenty Two (Part 2)

Slept in the till about 1pm the next day. 
Showered, got ready and off we went to hunt for food!

We love taking long walks. 
Knit dress on me still available on! :D 

After much consideration we ended up at Central for TCC. 
We always order the same ol' things whenever we are there so if you read about my TCC entries before,
the food below would be familiar hahaha.

Cheese Sticks. 

It should have prawns too but yknow, 
I'm a super huge scallop lover so I requested to have them all changed (: 

There is something about the herbs and spices they use, it is so addictive. 

Raspberry Orange 
If you are fan of tropical drinks like me, you'll like this :D 

Dinner was at BBQ World Korean Restaurant, Amoy Street (: 

One of the best Korean BBQ buffet places I've ever been to in Singapore. 

Prices and operating hours

Wide array of meats to choose from. 

Marinated or non marinated. 

Complimentary side dishes, free for you to take!

Everyone's favourite: Pork Belly = Sam Gyup Sal

I didn't like the sauce they used to marinate the Sam Gyup Sal though :|

Beef ribs are super good too! 

Jwong helping the boys at the other table BBQ while they take a smoke break. 

They mixed like garlic bits, kimchi, veggies and fried them together with their meat!
Too bad I was super full by the time they made that :( 
It actually tasted really good! 
Try it if you go for BBQ next time (: 

Evil boyfriend :|
D was quick enough to cover her face hahaha


Same face, same pose different place huahaha


Later at night saw us at Aura, Thai Club at Orchard Hotel. 
Still cannot believe we got 2 bottles of Martel at like $168 each!! 
They were having some Sundays promotion, mad cheap. 

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