Friday, August 10, 2012

Twenty Two

 Finally getting down to blog about my birthday weekend :D 
J got us a room at The Fullerton Hotel for 3 nights! 
They were having some promotion so he booked 3 nights for about $950? 

The rooms were very mediocre but I have to applaud the 6 star service and awesome location. 
Also super love the high ceiling in our room! <3 

"Vanity room" haha

Hair and makeup for dinner at Tatsu Teppanyaki, CHIJmes! :D 
Floral playsuit I was in is still available on HH!

Fried garlic! <3 <3 Zomg so fragrant and crispy. 

The chef we usually go to was busy that night so we were given another chef :( 

J and I shared a Wagyu beef and chicken set. 

Scallops from the Wagyu beef set was so good. 
So juice and the gravy was super tasteful. 

Not the best I've tasted but it was okay! Generous amount of ingredients used. 

Teapot soup that literally comes in a teapot with little cups :D 
Not only does it look cute, the soup actually tastes good!
Very refreshing and light. 
Much better than the overly salty miso soup :| 

Seafood fried rice. 

What we went there for: Wagyu beef cubes. 
Very tiny portion but the meat was so juicy and succulent it melts in the mouth!

Last of us before we met some friends for The Dark Knight Rises at Plaza Sing. 
I swear I'll never watch a movie 3rd row from the front, ever. 
How do some people do it?
My neck was aching so badly after that :| 

28 July 2012

Woke up to this right in my face the next morning!!
Birthday present from the boy <3

Surprise #2 in the toilet!! 

Can't believe how he did all these while I was sleeping in the room lol. 
Heavy sleeper or what :|

His tacky birthday paper haha but its okay, love you baby ^^

All dressed up and ready for brunch! 

Found my dress a little crumpled and when I opened the wardrobe to take the ironing stuff out, 
I saw a bouquet of roses! 
It was meant to be surprise #3 but I stumbled upon it earlier :P 
Should have seen J's face when I opened the wardrobe hahahaha! ;o  


Make up of the day (: 

Clearing some emails before while waiting for me to get ready :P 

8th Birthday together and counting. 

Just-wake-up-puffy-eyes but I need a picture with my flowers!! ><

Making our way to Prive, Keppel Bay for brunch!! 

Opted for outdoor seats, and this is the view from where we were. 
Great ambience for a chill-lax kinda Saturday. 

Hungry peepoooo

Cream Of Mushroom, yummy!
Mushrooms were chopped to a reasonable bite size and soup was very rich in taste.
Will definitely order again when we go back (: 

My eggs benedict
Muffins were toasted just golden. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside. 
Eggs, no matter how you cook them, they are always tasty. 
Best food ever. 

GEEZ I'm hungry just looking at it!!

J's Fish & Chips. 

Omelette that we over ordered. 
We obviously couldn't finish it :( 

Took a stroll around the area after we were done eating. 


Got back to the hotel and look! 
The house keeping lady actually re-arranged my makeup!
It was in a mess when I left for brunch in the morning :|

Didn't wanna squeeze with the crowd at town on a Saturday so we both decided to head back to the hotel and catch up on TVB dramas!

Comfortable bed, best company, good TV + chocolates to nibble on,
what more to ask for in life? 

Dinner was at One Altitude, Stellar.
J got scammed by the waiter when he made the reservation :| 
He told J that we would be able to see fireworks from the NDP preview 
but nooo, we couldn't see shit :( 

Hello handsome


While waiting for our mains to be served, we went up to the Gallery Bar to take a look. 

& see what we saw! 
Fireworks in our face!


J ordered the Tonight Special: Kobe beef 
Umm, it didn't taste as good as we expected and I don't think it is worth the price at all. 

My Roast Suckling Pork on the other hand was so much better than what the boy ordered. 
Jelly-like-fats and crisp all in one bite. Sinful. 

& a picture to mark we were there (: 

Ended the night drinking at the room with some friends followed by a impromptu decision to head to Avalon :|

Do not have any other pictures from that night other than this one above.
Photo caption: J playing hide and seek with Jackson in the room. 

Jackson, if you see this, you actually opened the cupboard saw JY there like that, 
then closed it like you never see anything LOL. 
Lots of love my always drunk friend :P 

I'm still not done blogging but I think I'll leave that to another day.
Too many pictures!! 


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