Friday, August 17, 2012

Twin City Dental

Finally went for my retainers review a couple of days back at
Twin City Dental, Ngee Ann Tower B. 

For those of you who are interested, 
I paid $4,500 in total for my treatment which lasted for about 6 months. 
This included the x-ray, retainers and retainers review. 

Besides the clear plastic retainers (The same used for Invisalign), 
I also did fixed retainers as recommended by my orthodontist, Dr.Poon. 
A fixed retainer is "glued" on the inside surfaces of your teeth 
and is very efficient at preventing teeth from shifting but also makes cleaning a little tricky. 

Also stocked up on my retainer cleaning tablets. 
Retainer hygiene is very important and brushing it with a toothbrush doesn't thoroughly clean it. 

Oh by the way, this is how the clear plastic retainers look like :P 

Going Beyond The Basics Tee - White 
Inspired from one of the Korean street brands (: 

Made of Jersey Cotton!!
One can never have too many basics. 

New kicks! Coming up on Hollyhoque soon :D 

Arm candies

I didn't think I'd do an entry about my braces journey so I don't have many pictures.
Picked a few pictures taken on Photobooth and most of them are retarded. 
Don't judge me hahaha

People tell me I don't need braces because my teeth is already super straight but no seriously, 
 if you look closely, you can tell it isn't! 
Especially for my teeth on the bottom row, but I do not have pictures unfortunately :( 

Also, there is an uneven gum show when I smile and braces got it fixed! (: 

A couple of days into my braces journey. 
The beginning is the toughest. 
1) You need to get used to the foreign metal things in your mouth
2) The pain when your teeth shifts
3) Getting used to food being stuck in between your brackets

EXTREMELY straight teeth on the bottom row! 
Its amazing how the teeth on my bottom row shifted quicker than my upper row 
because it was alot messier! 

Looks pretty damn straight but the uneven gum show problem still not fixed :( 

Taken on the week before I officially took off my braces. 
I kept licking my teeth non stop lolol. 

No uneven gum show, super straight teeth and a nicer aligned jaw.
I did not regret my 6 months long braces journey at all (: 

My only regret is my reluctance to smile during my braces days 
causing new people I meet to think I am being stuck-up or unfriendly :( 
I really mean no offence, it is just uncomfortable to smile because the wires might poke my cheek. 

Anyway, those who are still considering whether or not to do braces, go for it!
The change is definitely for the better. 

TGIF and have a pleasant weekend ahead y'all! 
Love x

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