Thursday, August 2, 2012

Young and wild and free

Pictures from party nights! :D 

Yknow how everyone has that party khaki? 
Yup! D is my party khaki :P 

Beer is like my favouritest alcoholic drink. 
If not for the fear of getting a beer belly, I'd have it everyday :P 

Both of us decked in #Hollyhoque <3
Neon Peplum dress on me will be sold at the Maybelline LASHionista event next week!
Hop on over to HH's FB page to find out more about the by-invite-only event (: 
Such a pity we didn't get to do a photoshoot with Joyce before she flew back to Melb :(  
Stay fit and I'll see you in November! :D 


Brother bear

#Winning face

 Before heading down to Butter that night, 
D and I went for a long ago planned dinner date at Todai, MBS.

Not too sure if its because we were late, the food was cold and a lot of dishes weren't refilled :| 

Scallops are one of my favourite things in the world, 
but I only had 3 that day because it wasn't nice at all :( 

1 x happy Diana

I really like the chili crab!
But we can only get like 2 pieces each round
because there'll be a long queue even before the new pot is replaced :|

Us trying to digest our bursting bellies

#Hollyhoque FTW

& ending with a mirror shot of the both of us at PP's office. 
Like my dress? Stay tuned to Hollyhoque!!

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