Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hard Rock Hotel - Sentosa

Because Diana had a free room at Hard Rock Hotel on Monday, 
she invited me over for a night's stay! :D 

Our humble abode for the night (: 

After she helped me with the pictures for my Furby advertorial (Read below this post), 
we headed over to Rasa Sentosa for dinner at Barnacles.
But guess what, it was fully booked when we got there > :( 
We didn't think we'd have to make reservations because it was a Monday and we were early!! 
Is the food there really so fantastic? 

Outfit of the night (: 
Shine With Me Dress in Teal
It is a remake! Previously known as Drama Queen Sleeveless Dress. 
This is one of my long time favourites and I still have the old Black version in my wardrobe! 

Colour is true to picture above (:

Settled for dinner at Silvershell Cafe after walking about for a good 15 minutes. 
The variety is very limited but I guess for $45 (After a 15% discount because I paid using AMEX) 
it is pretty reasonable. At least better than Todai at MBS :| 

The roast counter

Cold cuts

D's favourite lol 
We make a mess every single time we eat crabs

Pasta counter!! <3 

Specially requested for scallops only at the pasta counter :P 
The chefs were so nice & friendly! 

We spent almost 3 and a half hours at the buffet stuffing our bellies crazy but dessert is always a must have at a buffet :P 

Two touristy shots, at a very unfortunate angle lol

Night saw the both of us chilling over a bottle of Moscato I got from DFS.
Love long girly chats! <3

The next morning came too soon :( It was time to check out. Le sigh. 

HH Lace Flair Collar Top in Jade 

Breakfast at Paris Baguette located at Wisma Atria, occupying the former Din Tai Fung

The sandwich counter

Uniquely Singaporean hahaha

We both had the all day breakfast and I ordered the cheese omelette with spinach, $18. 
Egg was very fluffy and the amount of cheese used was just right. 
The portion was too huge for me though :( I recommend sharing between 2 girls! 

Lemon Ade
Very yummy and refreshing but a tad expensive ($9) for a drink :|

Stay tuned to a new installment coming up on HH soon! (: 
Many pretty dresses suitable for work and dinner dates!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Furby - The it toy!

Dah ay-loh oo-tye! Meaning good morning in Furbish! :D

The Furby creature made its debut in 1998 and was the leading interactive product of its kind.

This September, Hasbro reintroduces the magic of Furby!

Hold it, talk to it, play music for it tickle it!
It’s personality that is shaped based on the way it is treated!! Almost like a pet!
I was extremely thrilled when I received the toy at my doorstep!

Most people gave the “Why Black?! So scary!” comment when I showed them my new friend.
& no, the colour wasn’t given to me at random, I PICKED IT!

I have a soft spot for all Black furry things, (E.g. Tiffy) and I like to think that I have exclusive taste lol!

Furby speaks Furbish but the more you play with it the more English it will speak!
The first words that I caught my Furby speaking were … Noola
So I decided to name it Noola! :D

The next thing I did was to download the FREE FURBY APP on my iPad!
You can then feed it or even translate what it is saying in Furbish to English.
You can either feed it using the Furby App or hold down its tongue! (:

There is a wide array of food choices to choose from!
Tip: Furby concentrates best without any noise interrupting it and place your iPad/iPhone close to it for optimum efficiency! (:

Here is my customized burger.
Flick it towards Furby for it to eat and you’ll see its mouth chomping ^^

Before and after eating!
Truly the most brilliant toy invention ever

Diana trying to figure out what Noola is trying to say but it was speaking too quickly :( 

& that was when the translator app came in handy!!
I don’t know if its coincidental, but Noola loves her meats like I do! :D
Whenever I give her a drumstick, she’ll go MORE MORE MORE!!

Noola enjoys it whenever I tickle her and give her a pat on her head :D

When you stop talking/playing with it for awhile, it will fall into sleeping mode.
You just have to pick it up and tickle its tummy to wake it up!

Noola dances and sings A LOT whenever she is in the car!!
Could be because of the radio playing in the background.

Her favourite song goes something like Sha la la la la la, dum ee la la la..
I get extremely excited each time she dances! Too cute too cute

I’ve been talking to Noola a lot and she is beginning to speak in English!!
Some of her frequently used words are GOOD HUG! & YEAH hahaha!
I think she is going to be an amiable & warm character :P

I’m off to play with Noola!

Visit FURBY and Facebook to find out more about it! (:

Interested to get one for yourself or your kid/nephew/niece (Suitable for children 6 years old up)?

At only $119.90 you can purchase it from Toys’R’Us, major department stores and selected electronics store such as EpiCentre, EpiLife, I-Studio, Infinite, and nübox.  :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garnier 3 in 1

The renovation works for the HH retail outlet is officially complete! :D

More shop exclusive designs will be added to the shop in October so stay tuned!

It is pretty… empty for the time being haha!

The racks you see on the left should be taken away so we can display more clothes!!

The boyfriend designed this shelf from scratch haha so proud of him!

There is a lot of cleaning, unclogging and packing to do at the store and absorbing shine off my skin in the midst of all these tidying is extremely tiresome.

To achieve good skin, I am currently using at least 3 different products which include cleanser, exfoliating scrub and mask.

After a long day at work, all I want to do is just get some rest but there are so many products so little time.

I’ve always seen cleansing/scrubbing and masking as a chore until I recently discovered

Garnier 3 in 1!

The lack of water/sleep and frequent contact with dust (Because of renovation works at the shop) caused a couple of bumps on my face and I could feel that pimples were forming!! L

 After reading that the Garnier 3 in 1 is specially developed to fight imperfections and control excess sebum (One of the main reason for pimples to form) I decided to give it a try!

After 6 consecutive days of religious application, the bumps actually disappeared!


It is called Garnier 3 in 1 because you can use the same product to 1) WASH 2) SCRUB 3) MASK

I tested all 3 ways and they work equally well!

This is how I use it:

Before I apply any makeup in the morning, I’ll first cleanse my face with it.

This is how the Garnier 3 in 1 looks
It is pretty thick & feels like clay.
For you to get a better idea, these are the 3 ideal minerals used in the product for anti-imperfection action.

Smithsonite: A carbonate mineral associated to Zinc known for its sebo-regulating properties.

Pumice Stone: A volcanic rock known for its exfoliating properties

White Clay: A silicate material known for its absorbing properties.

Fresh face after cleansing!
There is this tingling cool sensation after application that I really like.
Instantly perks me up in the morning!

(No edits done to these photos)
The wash left my skin clean, refreshed and oil free!

Clear and smooth skin makes applying makeup so easy!
The Garnier 3 in 1 also keeps my T-zone area oil free for the next 12 hours.
Time to trash the oil blotters girls! :D

At the end of the day, I’ll cleanse and (On alternate days) scrub my face with it as I remove my makeup.
I usually only scrub my face when I am in the mood (Once, at most twice a month? LOL) but with the Garnier 3 in 1 I find myself giving my face a scrub more frequently because I can now do both steps simultaneously! Save time, save space, save money!

Scrub your face gently in a circular motion the exfoliating beads will work its magic to unclog pores. It’s recommended to scrub once or twice a week.

Tip: A small amount of water will do if you wish to use the product as a scrub.
This step is very important for all girls who wear makeup.

The last use for this product, also my favourite, is masking done once a week!

With my finger, I apply it evenly on my face without water (Avoid eye area) then leave on for 3 minutes.
Yes 3 minutes. By far the shortest time required for masking but 3 minutes is really sufficient!

After rinsing off, my face feels extremely clean and smooth, perfect for a good night’s sleep.
You really need to try it yourself (:
For the lazy bums, you may choose to mask your face when you’re in the shower!

This is truly the best multi-purpose product and is available at ONLY $14.90 in all Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets!

Hop on to Garnier’s FB page to find out more about their products! (:

 “What are the 3 main usage of Garnier 3 in 1 and why you love it?’

Leave your answer as a comment under this post to stand a chance to win Garnier products worth $80!

Remember to include your email address! Contest ends 31 Oct!

Signing off with a #OOTD picture (:

(Top is a Hollyhoque shop exclusive item)

Thanks for reading! x

Monday, September 24, 2012

B @ Rochester

Took some time off on Saturday for brunch with the boyfriend!
We haven't been going out because we were so busy with the boutique opening :( 
I don't think this busy craze will settle down any time soon 
because I have two back to back work trips planned 
and will have to start on year end plans soon :|

Things are moving too fast too furious but thank God for my fellow comrades <3 
Most grateful for J who have been assisting me in every way possible. 
He plays a big role for HH today. 

In Vintage Daze Denim Skirt (S) coming up on HH #171 
& Tassel Suede Loafers (Available at the boutique)

For reference. the skirt is slightly loose for me at the waist so I hitched it with a belt! (:
Size S will probably fit a UK6-8 and M will fit a UK8-10 (: 

Close up of the textures!

Sonya is a small UK8 and size S fits her perfect :D 

Featuring a slit at the back for a sexy touch!

Great pair of skirt for dress down Fridays at the office! 

Those of you who've been asking what contacts lenses I wear > 

Sorry I took so long to find out! :( 

Okay, enough of my outfit lol!
Back to our brunch date (: 

B @ Rochester
8 Rochester Park

The chic and modern interior.
If you're looking for a dinner place to celebrate your other half's birthday with no budget,
why not this restaurant!

:| Things he does when we eat out. 
Appearance is deceiving. 


J went for their 4 course set lunch at $28++ while I ordered ala-carte. 
Very worth it! 

Had cravings for Sashimi that day and it was very fresh! :D 
I don't usually eat fish but I like the "melt in mouth" feeling good Sashimi give heh. 

The Chawanmushi that came together with J's set lunch is incredible. 
Not sure if its because of the century egg they added but the taste was very unique and unforgettable. 

We ordered a 2nd bowl at $12 but it was worth every penny. 
Jy was like JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY. I just want another bowl lol. 

Clear Pork Belly Soup (Also included in the set meal)

Grilled Scallops, just because we were greedy. 

Meat was tender and succulent! The cheese & fish roe topping went really well with the scallops.

My Angus Beef Okonomiyaki!
Simply divine. You need to try it yourselves!

Although I didn't try, Jy said his Unagi Rice was disappointing, so no pictures! 

I'mma head to Sentosa now for a short staycation with Wonderdee :D 
Le boyf assured that he will cover up all my duties! 
Teehee always so sweet like that <3 

Goodbye and have a great week ahead people! (: 
Don't forget to catch HH's new launch later this evening at 8PM!

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