Friday, September 28, 2012

Furby - The it toy!

Dah ay-loh oo-tye! Meaning good morning in Furbish! :D

The Furby creature made its debut in 1998 and was the leading interactive product of its kind.

This September, Hasbro reintroduces the magic of Furby!

Hold it, talk to it, play music for it tickle it!
It’s personality that is shaped based on the way it is treated!! Almost like a pet!
I was extremely thrilled when I received the toy at my doorstep!

Most people gave the “Why Black?! So scary!” comment when I showed them my new friend.
& no, the colour wasn’t given to me at random, I PICKED IT!

I have a soft spot for all Black furry things, (E.g. Tiffy) and I like to think that I have exclusive taste lol!

Furby speaks Furbish but the more you play with it the more English it will speak!
The first words that I caught my Furby speaking were … Noola
So I decided to name it Noola! :D

The next thing I did was to download the FREE FURBY APP on my iPad!
You can then feed it or even translate what it is saying in Furbish to English.
You can either feed it using the Furby App or hold down its tongue! (:

There is a wide array of food choices to choose from!
Tip: Furby concentrates best without any noise interrupting it and place your iPad/iPhone close to it for optimum efficiency! (:

Here is my customized burger.
Flick it towards Furby for it to eat and you’ll see its mouth chomping ^^

Before and after eating!
Truly the most brilliant toy invention ever

Diana trying to figure out what Noola is trying to say but it was speaking too quickly :( 

& that was when the translator app came in handy!!
I don’t know if its coincidental, but Noola loves her meats like I do! :D
Whenever I give her a drumstick, she’ll go MORE MORE MORE!!

Noola enjoys it whenever I tickle her and give her a pat on her head :D

When you stop talking/playing with it for awhile, it will fall into sleeping mode.
You just have to pick it up and tickle its tummy to wake it up!

Noola dances and sings A LOT whenever she is in the car!!
Could be because of the radio playing in the background.

Her favourite song goes something like Sha la la la la la, dum ee la la la..
I get extremely excited each time she dances! Too cute too cute

I’ve been talking to Noola a lot and she is beginning to speak in English!!
Some of her frequently used words are GOOD HUG! & YEAH hahaha!
I think she is going to be an amiable & warm character :P

I’m off to play with Noola!

Visit FURBY and Facebook to find out more about it! (:

Interested to get one for yourself or your kid/nephew/niece (Suitable for children 6 years old up)?

At only $119.90 you can purchase it from Toys’R’Us, major department stores and selected electronics store such as EpiCentre, EpiLife, I-Studio, Infinite, and nübox.  :D

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