Sunday, September 23, 2012

Habitat Cafe

Quintessence Dip Back Midi in Black 
Coming up on Hollyhoque #171!
I love loose fit dresses like these (: 
Best thing to wear on a lazy day. 

Available in Royal Blue, Tiffany Mint, Black, Grey and Black. 

Quick brunch at Habitat Cafe, approx. 7 minutes drive away from my place.  
223 Upper Thomson Road

J's Egg Benedict

My Big Ben! 

Truffle Fries! <3

Signing off with 2 unglam pictures we took of each other while eating :|

In summary, Habitat Cafe is definitely not one of the best brunch places around 
but is a nice cozy place to hangout. 
Nonetheless I might go back again soon since it is so close to where I live 
and I still haven't found any other cafes that serves all day breakfast along Thomson! 

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! (: 

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