Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hollyhoque Boutique Lookbook #1

Together with Melvin from Multifolds Photography, we went to Punggol for our first boutique lookbook.

Come visit us at Far East Plaza #01-31 tomorrow if you are free! 
It is our official shop opening!! <3 
Items seen below will also be available at the shop.

The very useful reflector can also be used as a clothes mat and big fan LOL. 

So glad to have Sonya take up this important task! 

She is so natural!!

Them people hard at work :D 

More pictures can be found on the Hollyhoque FB page
Do also support Multifolds Photography by liking their FB page! Melvin's works are amazing (: 

Yesterday's OOTD
Droplets Chic Top in Navy
Paired with Tassel Suede Loafers 
(Only available at our retail outlet for the time being) 

Made of real leather, they feel just like bedroom slippers!
Come on down to our shop to try :D 
Please pardon the mosquito bites all over my legs, got them all from the outdoor shoot lol :( 

We were supposed to head out for lunch but got called back to do restocks last minute so lunch was cancelled :( Don't get me wrong, I LOVE DOING RESTOCKS hiakhiak. 

Tried blue eye shadow but I don't think it complements my skin tone :|

Heroine Make Mascara is key to thick and long lashes (:
I love it to death!
Cheaper than a lot of bigger brands and so so efficient. 

Close up of the exquisite cut out details at the shoulders (: 

Tea break/ Pre-dinner at Pizza Hut made Jy a very happy boy.
He is always easily satisfied like this (: 


I guess everyone will be familiar with the dishes below.. Pictures!!

Other than the spicy drumlets, another of my favourite at Pizza Hut is their Minestrone soup!
The most I've had at one go is 5 bowls!! :O 
Too tasty.

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