Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lace Overlay Padded Top

Happy Sunday everyone! (: 
Back in the office today to tie up some loose ends for our new launch tomorrow. 
If you haven't seen, HH 169 Facebook and Blog preview are now up! 
Go see go see heh. 

On a random note, searching #Hollyhoque on Instagram is my new favourite hobby haha. 
I find myself doing that more and more often :|
If you are wearing a Hollyhoque outfit that day and own an Instagram account, 

Pictures from the last day of the HH Pre-renovation Sale. 
(Very back-dated I know) 

Super happy and excited because it is the last day and we can finally get a breather after this!!

When you are in a good mood, even your skin feels good lol. 
Do you spot a carrot? 

Sneaked off to get my nail fix at The Nail Status in the middle of the day :P 
Don't wait any longer if you want this set of nails
because the lovely people behind TNS decided to throw in a promotion!
Gelish $50 + Nail art (ONLY!!) $15
PS: Promotion will end when I change a new set of nailart so hurry!

Contact 68362005 to make an appointment (: 

We came with so much stuff but went back only with this. 
Thankful for all the love and support fellow Hollyhoque fans! <3

(Unreleased) Lace Overlay Padded Top - Black
Paired with my trusty Buttons In Line High Waisted Shorts - Mint (: 
This upcoming lace top is one of my personal favourites from the next collection!
(Apart from the Arty Brush Stroke Dress that sold like hot cakes during our Pre-reno Sale) 

I don't usually like shoulder pads because of my small frame 
but I changed my mind after I found these smaller than usual shoulder padding that is so damn flattering!! 
Not only does it come with an inner spaghetti (Slightly longer than the lace top) it will be for sale 
AT ONLY $20 :D 

Very tired faces but WE SURVIVED IT! (: 
Don't know what I'd do without all of you! *Bear hug*

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