Monday, September 10, 2012


Dated last Wednesday (: 
Next day after the Pre-reno Sale we declared half day off work for a well deserved rest (: 

Arty Brushstroke Sweetheart Dress 
One of the few dresses I wore twice in barely one week :P 
The colours are so happy it instantly lifts up my mood.

On our way home to do what we do best >
Be couch potatoes hahaha

My overused T-Bar Textured Sandals in Yellow hahahaha
Also have it in Black, Mint and Cream that are still sitting in their shoe boxes :|

Later at night, I finally met Clarice for my super (duper) belated birthday dinner at Spruce!

Located within Phoenix Park

320 Tanjong Road 

This place is a little out of the way if you don't drive but the ambience and food definitely makes up for it. 

We chose to sit outdoor!
Love the cosy set up

We both shared a side - Mac & Cheese
One of the best I've had! 
I heard many people go there just for it! 

Clarice's Whole Roasted Snapper 
SO HUGE she barely finished one quarter lol

My main; Tenderloin Steak Frites 
Meat was tender and cooked perfectly, just the way I like it to be - Medium rare!
I hate it when restaurants ask for my preference of steak doneness then don't do it properly!! 

Our feeble attempt at trying to get a picture together with "Spruce" LOL

I headed to Butter afterwards and I saw the last person I'd think to meet at Butter - CJ!! 
I was super shocked but twas great hanging out (: 

I bet he wouldn't remember this but he insisted we take pictures lol

Buiing Buiing

Hello my homie why you so adorable!!

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