Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mad for garlic

The Hollyhoque Pre-renovation Sale is over! 
Our little store is now closed for renovation
and if everything goes as planned it'll officially open for business end of this month ^^
Many thanks to all who took time to visit us and I hope you had fun with shopping (: 

Clarice came to visit on Monday! :D

The New Arrivals rack

Our mini shoe display area
Super love the Textured T-Bar Sandals!!

OOTD (Hollyhoque from head to toe) 
Dreamsicle Lace Tunic in Cream
Painted Floral Blazer
Textured T-Bar Sandals in Yellow

Sneaked off earlier for dinner with the poly mates :P 
You'll like this place if you are a fan of garlic!

Hello friends! :D 

Garlic Bread Tower!
From this..

To this! 
Be warned, very very garlicky but I absolutely love it <3
Hardcore garlic fan here.

Garlic Sizzling Rice!
Tastes different from Nagomiya but its pretty good too! 
Like that it is spicy!

I can't remember what is this called, but it isn't important because not nice :| 
The Garlic Snowing Pizza on the other hand 
(That I don't have a picture of, unfortunately) is super duper yummy!
Fell in love with every single bit. 

One of the worst Vongole Pasta I've eaten :( 
The sauce didn't taste right and the whole dish just tasted very fishy.

Thanks for the dinner treat, future pilot-to-be friend! :D 

& one group picture to sum up dinner before we walked over to Beer Market for some beer thrills :P

Here we are! 

Pretty damn cool place!
The prices of the beer increase and decrease depending on the demand supply.
Works like stock exchange haha

Had sooo much fun playing darts 
Not bragging but I'm actually quite good at it huahahaha

A very happy Ali hehe

Attempt #1 to take a group shop using self timer - Fail 
but our expressions here, priceless.

Love y'all!
I hope our BKK plans firm up soon! 

Until the next outing x

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