Monday, September 24, 2012

B @ Rochester

Took some time off on Saturday for brunch with the boyfriend!
We haven't been going out because we were so busy with the boutique opening :( 
I don't think this busy craze will settle down any time soon 
because I have two back to back work trips planned 
and will have to start on year end plans soon :|

Things are moving too fast too furious but thank God for my fellow comrades <3 
Most grateful for J who have been assisting me in every way possible. 
He plays a big role for HH today. 

In Vintage Daze Denim Skirt (S) coming up on HH #171 
& Tassel Suede Loafers (Available at the boutique)

For reference. the skirt is slightly loose for me at the waist so I hitched it with a belt! (:
Size S will probably fit a UK6-8 and M will fit a UK8-10 (: 

Close up of the textures!

Sonya is a small UK8 and size S fits her perfect :D 

Featuring a slit at the back for a sexy touch!

Great pair of skirt for dress down Fridays at the office! 

Those of you who've been asking what contacts lenses I wear > 

Sorry I took so long to find out! :( 

Okay, enough of my outfit lol!
Back to our brunch date (: 

B @ Rochester
8 Rochester Park

The chic and modern interior.
If you're looking for a dinner place to celebrate your other half's birthday with no budget,
why not this restaurant!

:| Things he does when we eat out. 
Appearance is deceiving. 


J went for their 4 course set lunch at $28++ while I ordered ala-carte. 
Very worth it! 

Had cravings for Sashimi that day and it was very fresh! :D 
I don't usually eat fish but I like the "melt in mouth" feeling good Sashimi give heh. 

The Chawanmushi that came together with J's set lunch is incredible. 
Not sure if its because of the century egg they added but the taste was very unique and unforgettable. 

We ordered a 2nd bowl at $12 but it was worth every penny. 
Jy was like JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY. I just want another bowl lol. 

Clear Pork Belly Soup (Also included in the set meal)

Grilled Scallops, just because we were greedy. 

Meat was tender and succulent! The cheese & fish roe topping went really well with the scallops.

My Angus Beef Okonomiyaki!
Simply divine. You need to try it yourselves!

Although I didn't try, Jy said his Unagi Rice was disappointing, so no pictures! 

I'mma head to Sentosa now for a short staycation with Wonderdee :D 
Le boyf assured that he will cover up all my duties! 
Teehee always so sweet like that <3 

Goodbye and have a great week ahead people! (: 
Don't forget to catch HH's new launch later this evening at 8PM!

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