Sunday, September 16, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Its let my skin rest day but I cheated with some eyeliner, mascara and concealer 
because my dark eye circles are so terrible from the lack of sleep :( 

Gotta head down to the shop after this for some last minute checks 
& settle the displays for tomorrow's soft launch.
Our actual opening is on the 23rd September! COME VISIT! ^^
More items (Including the suede flats I preview previously) will be up then!  

A mini update on the progress of the retail outlet and some snapshots of my #OOTDs (: 
In chronological order..

Tic Tack Pleat Front Top - Coral 
Paired with (One of my most used printed shorts) Floral Aura Printed Shorts (: 

Comes in 4 other gorgeous colours! Have fun choosing :D 

T-Bar Textured Sandals - Cream 
Hehe finally took it out to play!! 

Full-fledged photoshoot makeup 
Like "Wayang" show lolol

Walls are painted

Fitting rooms up! :D 

Drove over to Old Airport Road for our favourite Char Kway Teow!! 
Owns Lao Fu Zi. 

Hi-Lo Flare Top - Black (: 
& my T-Bar Textured Sandals - Mint comes in handy to brighten the overall outfit! 

Tops like these are great on days when you have lots of errands to run. 

Steamboat lunch at 2nd Mini Steamboat, one of our usual food hunts (Since 2007).
Novena Garden, #01-04

Ala-carte style

My sure to order, fishballs! 
I like to leave it in the spicy soup base until the end before eating it because it'll be super tasty! 
Dip it with their homemade chili sauce for the extra kick! 
Best combination ever <3

My boyf is a golden mushroom monster ><
Honestly, this place is pricey but the Tom Yum soup broth keeps me going back! 
I usually ask for a thicker and spicier broth.

Hi shag face

Striped flooring done!
Please don't tell me it looks like zebra crossing :'(

Fixing the wall decals I got from China

& the end product (:

Shopping for curtains at Ikea with..

My fellow comrades :D 
Right and left hand woman? Hahahaha

Whenever somebody says Ikea, the first thing that comes to mind is furniture, second?

Its easy to be happy!

I've dined at Ikea many times but I only just found out about the bag hook X.X
So thoughtful!!

Another day of running errands.. 

Pocketful Denim Dungarees - S 
<3 <3 
Made of thick, quality denim. Those used for jeans!
Inspired from Topshop. 
The original piece I bought is tagged UK8 (They always run out of UK6!), obviously too big for me
so I had some of the details altered and made it in sizes! :D 

Kimchi Junggol at Your Woul
Best soup base I've tried. 

165 Thomson Road
Opposite United Square

This is another of our favourite long time food hunt. 
We go there so much that the lady boss knows exactly what we would order lol.

Gae-ran Jim
(Egg stew) 
Passable, but not as good as the one we tried at Superstar K. 

Here comes the most expensive part of the entire renovation...
Our customized racks!! :D 

Everyone else busy at work while I take pictures hahaha :P

Yesterday's hair and make-up

Tried out a new pair of contacts from (: 
Will do a sharing about it if time permits next time!!

Summer Lovin' Ribbed Tank - White paired with 
Upcoming Wildflower Blossom Skirt (: 

Those of you who find the size for the dress (In the same prints) too small can go for the skirt! (: 
Should be able to fit a UK4-10!

This post should be dedicated to the T-Bar Textured Sandals lol
Been like wearing a different colour on consecutive days :|

Alrighty! I got to get back to work now.

Don't forget to catch our launch tonight at 8PM!

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