Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who is the fairest of them all?

Progress for shop renovations is going pretty smoothly (: 
If everything follows as planned, we should be able to launch on the 23rd September! 

Walls are already painted (PEACH PINK!<3) and it goes so well with our Black ceiling ^^
The fitting rooms + store room should be up by tomorrow! 
Can't wait to see our striped wooden flooring hahaha. 
Pretty huge risk so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Today, J and I went to get mirrors customized for the shop 
and I was shocked beyond words when the lady boss quoted me $480 for one mirror :O
ZOMG $85 for mirror and $395 for the frame. 
The first thing that came to my mind was WHUT? DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!
But we still (unwillingly) placed orders because we need it urgently and  
thats the only place with the frame I like after visiting a couple of shops :( 

Make a guess which did I pick? :D 

Unreleased Denim Fit & Flare Shirtdress - Light Denim (S) 
Inspired from ASOS (: 

Also available in Dark & Med Denim :D 

Standard in-the-car-picture hehe


Lunch at Aglio Olio, located within China Square #01-40 as recommended by a reader (: 

I was delighted to see that we can request for the level of spicyness simply because 
Friends who eat with me often will realize I like to add chili padi into most of my dishes :P 

#HHOMME hahaha
For those of you who asked, JY wears XL for most of HHomme's clothing (: 

We topped up $2.50 to complete our meal with a soup + lemonade. 
Soup was very very average but the Lemonade was good so I guess that made up for it? (:  

Cheesy Garlic Bread
Could have been better but we both like that they added cheese on it! :D 

My Ham Olio (SPICY) 
Sauce was pretty good but it was a little too "wet" for my liking.
Finished every bit nonetheless!

If you have any foodie places to recommend, share it with me by leaving a comment on my Formspring or email me at sheilamandy@gmail.com! :D 

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