Monday, October 22, 2012

Ambush - Pasta Bar

Ambush is a pasta bar tucked in a corner at the basement of Takashimaya

Diana was craving their Japanese Baby Scallops in Cream Fish Roe Sauce Pasta 
that day so we decided to head there for our super late dinner! 
Probably because it was past dinner time, there were plenty of seats :D  

Hello you

D's Japanese Baby Scallops Pasta!
Highlight of this dish goes to the fat and juicy scallops. 
For $11, the restaurant is very generous with their scallops serving! 
The cream base isn't too creamy; doesn't make me feel like throwing up after a few mouthfuls. 
In fact, it is very tasty especially with the fish roe! 

I had their Aglio Olio with Clams 
Pretty obvious it doesn't look like the kind we normally get elsewhere, its too tomato-ey for my liking :( 
Super regret not ordering what D ordered :<

J's Sausages with Rosti

HH Mod Chic Skate Dress in Jade
HH Fringe Suede Loafers in Orange

Colour of Jade true to picture above (: 

2nd sponsored Gc watch!! <3 
I'm still in the midst of filtering the pictures from the Gc event but it should be up really soon! :D 

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