Friday, October 5, 2012

Is be vain

Received many emails and requests on my formspring to show a video of how I normally do my hair!
I still haven't figured how to edit videos so please make do with pictures!
Jy was giving me weird faces when I was doing this LOL. 

Anyway to achieve this: 

All you need is damp hair, a curling brush and a hair dryer (: 
If you don't know what a curling brush is > 

It can be purchased at Guardian/Watson!
Mines from a salon in Hong Kong but I haven't seen that brand here in SG yet. 
Should work the same anyway! 

First you have to dry the top portion of your hair. 
Try to split your hair in the opposite direction of your parting to dry.
(This is to create some volume and not make your hair look flat) 

When it is 3/4 dry, split your hair into half and pull it across your shoulders. 
Then with the brush, start curling the ends inwards and dry it like above. 
Get a bigger curling brush if you want the curls at the ends to look subtle 
or a smaller curling brush if you want more curls. 

Repeat on the other side. 

Its really easy and I usually take about 10-15 minutes to dry my hair everyday!

Outfit of the day (: 
In upcoming Modern Madeline Crochet Top - White (S) 
Love the slight cut in details at the shoulders! 
Extremely flattering <3 

Likely stocking it in over the weekend for trying & buying before we launch it online next week! 

Another OOTD taken over my work trip weekend (: 
In HH's Field Of Daisies Top - Green 
and my trusty Tassle Suede Loafers!

I usually wear slippers when I'm on a work trip because I'll have to do a lot of walking but these loafers are even more comfortable than slippers!! <3 
Probably because of the soft and padded soles. 

We still have some stocks left at the shop, so grab yours before they go out of stocks! :D 

The unique elasticized neckline, inspired from Zara (: 

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