Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday with love

My recent movie date plans with Jy always didn't work out 
because we are either too tired or too busy with work :( 
Glad we finally made it happen last Sunday! :D 

Caught Taken 2 at the Platinum Movie Suites (: 
Not sure if it was fated but there were 2 seats left when we booked the tickets an hour before the movie!!
Too lucky!! :D They are usually fully booked during the weekend. 

Anyway, Taken 2 is a pretty exciting movie. Go catch it if you haven't! :D

Unparalled Perfection Knit Top in Taupe 
Paired with one of HH's older pantkins (: 

Pretty necklace going to be at the store soon! <3 

Just me being vain, as usual lol

Brunch at Barracks before the movie!
Love the laid back and chill ambience there. 
Would love to be seated outdoors but it was drizzling >:( 

Somebody is hungry

Cheery Cherry Green Tea - Perfect for a cold afternoon

I had the Asian Sliders (Buns with braised pork belly, what known as Kong Ba Pau) 
I like everything about this dish but didn't get to finish it unfortunately :( 
The portion was too huge for me! 
Braised pork belly was tasty, very tender and not too oily, buns were slightly sweet and soft. 
Not forgetting the super crispy taro fries that I cannot stop munching on! 

I heard many raves about the truffle fries at Barracks but honestly I prefer the one at PS Cafe.

Lol look at the number of "Paus" they gave me!! Impossiburuu to finish. 

We only had half a day to ourselves and had to get back to the shop after the movie but that was a great energy booster for the coming busy week. LEGGO!

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