Monday, October 29, 2012

Taipei Day 2 - Part 2

This is a super late continuation of my holiday in Taipei, Day 2 but better late than never!! 

Whenever I'm at Taipei, Shilin Night Market is always must go.

Alight at the Jiantan Station then follow the signboards that will lead you to Shilin Night Market. 

Those of you who have been there would know that this night market is separated into 2 segments.
The food area and the fashion shopping area that is across the road. 
When we were there this time, the food area disappeared!! 
I panicked for 5 minutes because I REALLY WANTED MY "Orh Lua" and XXXXXL chicken so badly!!
Thank god I googled and found out that they shifted to the same side as the fashion area :D  

Fried Milk Balls 

Super tasty and crispy!! 


Heh heh spot the boyf queuing up for our chicken ^^


Down to the food court to look for more ngom

"Lu Rou Rice"

The Oyster Omelette I've been craving for!!  <3

Super damn good grilled scallops 

Shopped around the fashion area for a bit before we left for..

The 24 hour Carrefour located !

Stocked up on too much cup mee and local snacks until we had to use a cab back even though our hotel was just 5 minutes walk away :|

If you are going to stay at the hotel (Han She Hotel) I stayed in, you can ask for directions from the counter staff.

Now, recount on Taipei Day 2 complete! Day 3 tomorrow! ^^

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