Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taipei - Day 3

Got up a little later on Day 3, because we were out till very late the previous night. 
Just in time for steamboat lunch in the Xi Men Ding area!! <3 

We spent about half an hour looking for the most promising steamboat restaurant, 
& this was out final choice :D 
Located right next to Rainbow Hotel. 

Large variety of meats to pick from

Buffet, ala-carte style (: 

Kimchi soup base with ramyeon <3 

The scallops were my favourite! 
The very considerate Taiwanese even gave us little cups with sauce to cook them so it'll be more flavourful!! 

My favourite Japanese fishcakes

Chef in the making

And with our bursting bellies, we headed to Danshui! 
One of my favourite places in Taipei <3 
There is this old rustic charm about this place. 

Love this street snack!
Even though I always make a mess while eating this, 
it is a must to have at least once every single time I'm in Taipei.

Le boyf and his Fried Milk Balls


Picture perfect, minus the 2 people in the background 

Those of you who find the Dreamsicle Lace Tunic too short will be happy to know that I am manufacturing something similar, arriving before Christmas! :D
Cutting is similar to the Modern Madeline Crochet Top as an A line dress (: 

J practicing his photography skills

2nd time we caught a rainbow overseas! :D First in Luzern a few months back! 

Sat by the park, shared a packet of "Tie Dan" and wished everyday could like this. 


Last of Danshui before we headed back to the city area for dinner

Ninja Restaurant aka "Ren Che" in chinese, just in case you can't find your way
126 Civic Blvd, Section 4, Songshan District
Tel: 02 25773300

The dimly lit restaurant

This is our 4th visit there and the food never ever disappoints. 
We ordered way too much for 2 stomachs but still managed to finish everything below: 

Super duper fresh sashimi served on ice

Cannot see the Ebi, Ebi Roll

Garlic Fried Rice

Hotplate Beef
Our favourite!!
The cheese and garlic bits goes so well with the meat, the taste is unforgettable. 



Fried Tofu

Besides the awesome food and great ambience, 
a magic-trained staff will do a short performance at each table! 
Gotta love the innovative interaction with guests. 

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