Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taipei - Day 4

Headed to Jiufen on Day 4 and to get there, we used a train to Rui Fang. 
PS: You need to change to another train at Taipei Main Station, tickets can be purchased there as well
Train schedules can be found online, you just have to be there about 30 minutes before departure to get the tickets. 

Happy campers on board the train!

40 minutes later at Rui Fang (: 

Follow the signboards until you get out of the train station

One touristy shot with the yellow taxis :D

There is a bus stop directly opposite the train station and there you can get a bus to Jiufen (: 

Here we are!!

Some beef noodles before anything else
This shop is right at the main entrance of Jiufen and pretty prominent

I personally like this better than Lao Zhang. 

There is dessert in the same shop too!

Shaved Ice with Beancurd

Zomg, best Asian dessert ever

Off to explore the area after filling the tummies! 

Haha this is funny. 

Gorgeous view from one of the highest points

Romper on me still available (Only Size S) in limited quantity!

Who this hamsum boi

Awesome lighting perfect for camwhoring :P 

Also visited the "Jin Gua Shi" but it was too foggy that day :( We couldn't see shit

Tea break!! 

On board the Public Keelung Bus, the most memorable bus ride ever

The bus went through those roads and the view was magnificent 

We were so lucky to be the only 2 in this bus!! :D 

The bus driver was so nice he even stopped for a while so we could get a picture of the iconic waterfall :D 
I love Taiwanese.

The bus driver recommended that we go to the Keelung Night Market but it was raining pretty heavily then 
and we didn't want to risk running into the typhoon (Weather forecast predicted the typhoon to come that night) so we decided to use a bus (Journey took 45 minutes more than train) back to Taipei. 

Dinner at Five Dime Restaurant, located opposite Mirarmar Entertainment Center
No.8, Lane 32, Section 1, Neihu Road, Zhongshan District

Designed by a local artist

Every corner of the restaurant is a piece of art

The food was as yummy as the art pieces albeit too much MSG used.

My favourite dish!
Scallops fried with egg whites! Zeeliciousu

Curry Crab

Black Pepper Beef

Wrapped up dinner with some Mochi :D 

We were caught in a sudden huge downpour with crazy wind while getting a cab
Thought it was the typhoon and ran like wild horses to look for a shelter.
That scene was just hilarious. 
We were running at full speed, Jy was holding my arm and shouting, ITS HERE!! ITS HERE!! Lolol 
Thank god we managed to get a cab in the end and no it wasn't the typhoon.
(The typhoon came one day after we left Taipei!! Phew) 

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