Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Nail Status - Reptile Nails

Its Sunday today! :D
Whats everybody doing? 

A few days ago, I went down to The Nail Status for some nail pampering. 
Okay, it should be "went up" because I was at the Hollyhoque store before that huahaha. 
How convenient :P 

The Nail Status
Far East Plaza
Tel: 68362005

New products Christine used on me! :D
Really like the scent <3 

Did Gelish as usual but check this out!!
Little red LED lamp I dried my nails in!
Cuteness overload haha

After 2 hours, project complete! 
Picture doesn't do justice but it really looks like reptile skin lol!
There are many colours to choose from as well so take your pick!
Nail art: $50 

Happy & satisfied me back in the shop! :D 

Stylish To The Decor Sleeveless Dress in Black/White
Coming up on Hollyhoque dot com soon! 
Love the tribal like prints to death!
It took me ages to find this fabric.

New arrivals on the rack ^^

The boyfriend doing closing and tallying the sales as usual 

Close shop, time for dinner at Ippudo Tao located at UE Square. 
They close at 12 (Last order at 11) so its great for people who ends work late! 
I personally prefer this outlet compared to the one at Mandarin Gallery. 
It is definitely less crowded and the service crew here are way more polite (: 

Pork belly chunks, runny egg yolks, thick & flavourful soup = a whole bowl of goodness
If you never used to like ramen, this place will pretty much change your opinion like some of my friends did.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of Sunday shopping and maybe watch Rooftop Prince so until the next entry! 

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