Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's getup

Flap Elegance Blazer in Blue 
Chic Tailored Shorts in White
Bejeweled Ballet Flats in Black
(Available on Backorders - Your last chance to own a pair!) 

If you ask me what is the one item you need to get from the next collection, 
it must be the shorts! 
The fit and material is perfect (: 

Also available in Emerald (My new favourite colour) 
Its the new Black. Complements both the fair and tanned.

Full preview up on the Hollyhoque FB page!
View to find out how to get complimentary normal postage off your latest order! (: 

Read below for the post on Hong Kong Day 1 (Part 2)! 

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Hong Kong Day 1 (Part 2)

Continuing from Hong Day Day 1 (Part 1)

We went back to the hotel to get changed for dinner at The Peak after visiting the Doraemons (: 

Used the MTR from Jordan to Central (Only a couple of stops away) 

Exit J2 then follow the signs to get to the Peak Tram Terminus (: 

Its our 2nd time to The Peak and while walking to the Terminus, we were reminiscing our first visit. 
Oh how time flies.. 

Why so serious? Lol

HHomme hahaha that is neglected at the moment but we'll get it back on track soon!! 


Dinner at The Pearl 

The restaurant setting.
We got there pretty late so apart from us there were only 3 other tables occupied :P 

Full menu can be found at this link HERE

Sumptuous Seafood Soup that was so freakin' good!! 
With Baby Abalone, Scallop, Tiger Prawn and Mussel.


J's Crabmeat & Corn Soup that was very impressive as well. 

My favourite food on earth.
So fat and juicy!!
Sauces complemented the scallops so well. 

The boyf's Saga Wagyu Sirloin

My Rib Eye

The mains were a tad disappointing for the price we paid.
But I guess the great view and ambience made up for it (: 

Here! The view from the restaurant's balcony. 


Explored the place wishing for every day to be like this
before we called it a night for next day's adventure at Ocean Park. 

PS: If this is your first visit to The Peak, do visit the Madamn Tussauds Museum! (: 

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1 (Part 1)

Hong Kong Day 1 

We stayed at Prudential Hotel as recommended by Zoe and albeit a little more expensive than most tourist class hotels, I am very pleased with the location, room and service (: 

Our considerably spacious room for the next 3 nights (: 
I've been to Hong Kong 6 times and stayed at different hotels each time 
and Prudential is one of the best choices.
Will never consider Guang Dong Hotel or Dorsett Seaview again. 
Poor service, and terribly cramp rooms :| 

View from our window!

Le boyf arranging the day's itinerary (: 

Bored while waiting for J to be ready 

First stop: Australian Dairy Farm for brunch! 
We asked for directions from the concierge
 and were thrilled when the lady told us it is just a 7 minutes walk away!! :D

Prudential Hotel is located right above Jorden MTR station and we used exit C to get there. 

Steamed Egg Milk Pudding

I've never liked milk since I was a child but I was completely sold to this the moment I had my first mouthful. 

Ham & Egg Macaroni 

Off to Maks Wonton Mee thereafter
Located on the same street, a few shops down

Washing the utensils
Monkey see monkey do
We just followed what the locals were doing lol. 

My favouritest Wonton Mee ever
You might find it pricey (SGD5) for such a small bowl but I tell you this is worth every penny. 

A very satisfied customer ^^
He doesn't like Wonton Mee but Maks Noodle's was so good, he actually had 2 servings!! 

Must go when you visit Hong Kong. 
Already planning our next visit there just to have it hahaha

Fruity goodness from the Hui Lui Shan, a very popular dessert chain in Hong Kong.

Whilst looking for "TWIST" along Tsim Sha Tsui

Twist carries many high end fashion labels. 
You might find this link useful to locate an outlet closest to you (: 

We went to the Tsim Sha Tsui outlet, located right next to The Mira Hotel.

Sneaked a few pictures of the store :P 

Prices are only slightly cheaper than Singapore but I find the variety there wider!

Went home a happy shopper with 2 new bags hehe (: 

More shopping at Harbour City!

 Doraemon Exhibition!!
It took us a long time to find this place :O 

The iconic night view 

There were 100 of these cuties and they all have different poses ^^

Hehe J's feeble attempt at trying to copy Doraemon's expression :P 

To be fair, the boyf insisted I do one too lol

Shall continue with our dinner date at The Peak some time next week (: 

Thanks for reading! x

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Sorry for the disappearing act, I kinda lost my momentum in blogging. 
I went for a Maybelline briefing before I did my nails yesterday & yup! 
We'll be participating in another Maybelline event that will be held on the 15th December at Scape
so mark this date on your calendars! 
We promise exciting promotions and X'mas giveaways (: 

In an all green ensemble yesterday (: 
This is officially my favourite printed dress. 
Can you spot the sunflowers?

Black version

Close up <3 

Snapshot of my new nails (: 
Courtesy of The Nail Status as usual!
Sweetness overload.

The kind folks there are giving my readers a discounted rate of $50 for this set of nail art 
(Not including price for Gelish Manicure, which is $50)

Call them at 68362005 now to make advance bookings!
 I heard they are going to be really busy come December. 

Hehe our typical car shot.
Thanks for always fitting your schedule into mine babe! 

No frills outfit on a rainy day (: 
White on denim are best friends and they'll always complement each other.
One of my favourite combinations. 

Wearing HH's Inside Out Sweater inspired from Zara. 

I started replacing eyelid glue with eyelid tapes now & I think they are more user friendly!
Haven't found the right brand/type though :(
Suggestions anybody? 

I'll share it here if its good! :D 

Feel Good Foliage Top that I kept in both Taupe and Navy (: 

Here's the Taupe version (: 
I didn't realize my hair was covering the cut out details :|

Jamie jeans from Topshop. I have multiple pairs in the same cutting different wash hahaha!

Here is a close up!

Ending this entry here (:
Until the next! 


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