Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1 (Part 2)

Continuing from Hong Day Day 1 (Part 1)

We went back to the hotel to get changed for dinner at The Peak after visiting the Doraemons (: 

Used the MTR from Jordan to Central (Only a couple of stops away) 

Exit J2 then follow the signs to get to the Peak Tram Terminus (: 

Its our 2nd time to The Peak and while walking to the Terminus, we were reminiscing our first visit. 
Oh how time flies.. 

Why so serious? Lol

HHomme hahaha that is neglected at the moment but we'll get it back on track soon!! 


Dinner at The Pearl 

The restaurant setting.
We got there pretty late so apart from us there were only 3 other tables occupied :P 

Full menu can be found at this link HERE

Sumptuous Seafood Soup that was so freakin' good!! 
With Baby Abalone, Scallop, Tiger Prawn and Mussel.


J's Crabmeat & Corn Soup that was very impressive as well. 

My favourite food on earth.
So fat and juicy!!
Sauces complemented the scallops so well. 

The boyf's Saga Wagyu Sirloin

My Rib Eye

The mains were a tad disappointing for the price we paid.
But I guess the great view and ambience made up for it (: 

Here! The view from the restaurant's balcony. 


Explored the place wishing for every day to be like this
before we called it a night for next day's adventure at Ocean Park. 

PS: If this is your first visit to The Peak, do visit the Madamn Tussauds Museum! (: 

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