Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jipaban: X'mas Edition

Christmas is just less than 2 months away folks!
To beat the crowd and save you the headache from buying gifts (
JIPABAN made a Christmas Gift Guide for everyone! 

Categorized into Mother, Father, Siblings, Couples, Kids and Colleagues! :D 
How very thoughtful!
Makes shopping so convenient.

Only 5 minutes on the JIPABAN website
and I found 3 items to add on my X'mas wishlist!!

I'm a fan of board games so.. 
Once in a while I pester my younger siblings to play with me :P 
Love being the "kid" in the family haha.

Twister Hoopla

Scrabble Flash

Okay, this electronic scrabble flash uses smartlink technology that allows the tiles to talk to each other. 
When the scrabble flash tiles are linked together to form a new word, it will light up and beep!
It also keeps track of time and score!!

The Dwarf King

Jipaban Christmas Giveaway

All you have to do is share your Christmas wishlist on Jipaban's FB page!!
One lucky shopper will be picked weekly
and this lucky soul gets to walk away with ALL the items in his/her wishlist! <3 

(PS: All items must be chosen from JIPABAN!) 

I wish you luck & hope you'll be THE lucky one! (: 


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