Friday, November 2, 2012


Button Down Ribbed Tank in Teal 
Heh I'm in love with this colour <3 
(Upcoming) Slit Chiffon Maxi Skirt in Blue

Floral Flippy Dress in Brown (S) 
Fringe Chic Suede Loafers in Lavender 36

Close up and true colour 

Casual Slim Fit Blazer in Fuchsia S 
In my favourite cutting! :D 

Sister's top
Playhouse Skater Skorts in Black (S) 
Fringe Chic Suede Loafers in Lavender 36

I'm pretty sure its the layering, that makes my legs look slimmer than usual :P 
Love the twist and swirl flare!

Glitz Blitz Tailored Shorts in Black S
Bejeweled Ballet Flats in Black 36
Tank top in Wine Red will be released for sale in 2 weeks! (: 

Girls, you all need to own one
Both White and Black are equally pretty and will go well with most colours! 

PS: Shorts will be up for grabs at our retail outlet by tomorrow
Shop away! :D 

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