Monday, November 5, 2012

Seafood Paradise

Before I begin this entry, I need to credit The Nail Status for my super pretty nails!!

Neon x Aztec

I can't help looking at it whenever I have nothing to do lol.
Too pretty.

Get the same design at only $68 (Nail art) + $50 (Gelish with manicure).

The Nail Status
Far East Plaza #04-83
Telephone: 6836 2005

On Saturday, after we settled the displays at the store 
J drove us to the airport for lunch at Seafood Paradise (: 

Wore the Best of Both Tribal Midi in Black :D
To mm, complement my nails haha

My favourite place to have Salted Egg Prawns >

So good!! <3

Crispy Kangkong
Another must order dish
Its like Tempura Kangkong

Bamboo Clam
Haven't had this in a super long time because restaurants don't have it all the time
So happy I got to eat it that day :D 

Garlic Drumlets

Walked around the airport after lunch to digest our bursting bellies..

On board the Skytrain

Act one tourist shot hahaha

If you're thinking why I look a little different, I snipped off my fringe *Regret*

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