Monday, December 31, 2012


It'll be 2013 in a couple of hours time! :D
In the coming new year I hope to attend mass/church more often. 
There that's it. Just this one resolution. 

Cheers to a new year full of pleasure, joy and fun! x

Now pictures from lunch on Christmas day after church with the family!

HH Angular In Sync Top - Black (S) 
(Limited pieces available HERE
HH Glitz Blitz Shorts - Black 

Close up of the pretty neckline

We were meant to have lunch at RWS but my Dad changed his mind when he saw the 
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant while we were on our way there :| 
See where I got all my fickle genes from? Haha :P 

We ordered the set lunch that was meant for 10.
Obviously overestimated our ability to eat lol! (There were only 6 of us!) 

First up was scallops with crab meat and egg white. 
Perfect dish to whip up an appetite.

Then it was my favourite of the entire meal - Fish Maw Soup
The thickness was right, generous amount of ingredients used and it was super tasty!

Not a fan of prawns..

The revolving restaurant.
We ate for about an hour and we almost made a full turn haha

"Kong Ba Pau"

3rd favourite dish after the soup and scallops :D
Peking duck!!

"Superior" braised vegetables (?!) 

Last dish was the ee fu noodles that we took away because everyone was too stuffed.

If you are looking for a place to hold a family gathering, the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant is a pretty decent place. Good food with great view at a reasonable price. 

My baby sister is a giant. 


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