Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Weekend

Christmas is in less than 5 days and I haven't gotten a single gift D: 
O well, same shit every year. I always wait till the very last minute haha.

This Christmas I thank God for each and everyone of you in my life.
To my selfless and very supportive (Albeit long-winded) parents, thank you. 
To the naughty siblings that never fail to keep me occupied (More like annoy me haha) everyday, thank you. 
Thank you friends, old and new, for bringing me joy and accompaniment. 
To the lovely fans of Hollyhoque and this humble blog, thank you for showering me with so much love!
(Continue supporting Hollyhoque ok!) 
Last but not least, to the man of my (Future :P) home, 
thank you for always always being there for me good or bad, happy or sad.
The things you are willing to do for me, only I know (:  

Cheers to our 9th Christmas together!


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