Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hi guys! :D
I've been receiving many questions on my formspring asking me where I coloured my hair so..

Klearcut at Far East Plaza (Next to the popular chicken rice place!) 
The person who did my hair is Kenneth and this colour is called Ash Green.

It is not as green as it looks in the pictures (Taken a month back?) above anymore 
& I'm actually liking the faded colour better!
More the ashy tone than green. 

I also bought a colour protecting shampoo that maintains hair luster from them and 
its super good! Out of all the many times I dyed my hair, this is the longest my hair colour took to fade. 
& more importantly, faded to a nicer tone :P 
I can't remember the brand of the shampoo off-hand, 
but I'll do an update about it again so we can all have nice hair :D 


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