Friday, December 7, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2

I know some of you are heading to Hong Kong in the next couple of weeks.
I don't know if my HKG posts will help 
but I'm trying to complete them asap so you can use them for reference, at least?  (:  

Here goes Day 2..

We had brunch at this restaurant called Fook Lam Moon 
(Recommended on a Hong Kong Food Guide) located at Wan Chai.
Our initial plan was to go to Tim Hoe Wan but the queue was terribly long 
and the boyf didn't want to queue so we ended up there :|

Guys, if you haven't been to Tim Hoe Wan and don't mind waiting, please go if you're in Hong Kong. 
They serve excellent dim sum at very wallet friendly prices. 
Their char siew pastry is unforgettable <3

Food at Fook Lam Moon is on the pricey side but I guess you pay for you get? 

We saw 2 local actresses there and I was so excited because one of them is in the TVB drama we were watching hahaha!! Queen of cheap thrills. Mm

Jeeeeez this is easily the best char siew I've ever had

Fried rice with crab meat

Super damn good custard bun!! My favourite from SG is Canton Paradise's but this owns x100!

Yes cheeky face? 

Off to Ocean Park next!! 
Favourite attraction in Hong Kong. 


Thank God J is not a fan of thrill rides like me.  
Mm, this seems like one of the rare few things we have in common hahaha

Ocean Park changed so much since we last visited 4 years back!



Happy feet >< 

Hello there handsome

The weather was terribly hot so my hair was all gross and kept getting stuck to my face ;(
But how come the boyf still looks so clean??

What is this?!?!?! 
I feel scared just looking at it.

Games street! 
The last time we were here, we won a huge donkey that is half as big as me! Haha
Didn't try our luck this time though!

He was full of poses that day lol :P 


So cute!! I can watch them all day. 

Bloob bloob

I saw the weirdest looking goldfish here :|

New addition to Ocean Park!!

Feels like we were really in an old Hong Kong film 

Red Bean Pudding!! <3 Loveee. 
I used to eat it a lot when I was younger but I can't seem to find it anymore in Singapore :( 

Performance by the Ocean Park crew 

On board the cable car! 

What an unfortunate angle babe haha lookie like a pancake

Mini watermelon!! Too cute
Willingly paid SGD8 for it D: 
But whatever! I've never eaten out out a watermelon before!!! 

Yi ren yi ban, gan qing bu san hahah ;P

Headed to Central for dinner

@ Hide-Chan Ramen :D 
Joe brought us there last year and I cannot forget the super "gao" & yummy soup base!!

The cozy interior just like ramen shops in Japan 


Bestest combination (: 

Told y'all he was full of "pattern" that day 

Me taking a photo of you taking a photo of me lol

Pub hopped around Lan Kwai Fong (Which was walking distance from where we had dinner)
and the night ended with... 2 drunkards

We had so much fun playing "Bluff"
If you haven't heard, its a dice game! Read about the rules HERE

My photography skills chui when drunk lol.

This pretty much sums up Day 2 (: 

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