Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I just came to say hello

I just got back from my work trip yesterday morning 
and spent the entire day nursing a nasty throat and bad headache :( 
I blame the terrible weather in China. 

On a happier note, this trip was very fulfilling!
I came back with 38 new designs to be launched in the next couple of weeks. 

Rushed through a photoshoot this morning for tomorrow's launch (8PM) and no matter how much makeup I put on, I still look pale like a sick person :( 
Just pay attention to the clothes!! Hahaha

My pick from the next launch! :D 

Alexander Wang Inspired. One of my favourite designers. 
I love the out of bed looks he creates that are effortlessly chic!!

Grey on me :D 

Not forgetting the boots that will complement the sweater so well!! 

I'll try to update more often but meanwhile, 
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