Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Immune system down

I'm sick again.
Or perhaps I haven't fully recovered since I came back from China. 

Just got up from a nap hoping that it'll magically cure the nasty flu and sore throat but no ley

No idea what determination pulled me through this afternoon's shoot lol. 
Visit Hollyhoque's FB page HERE for a preview of what is coming up! 
I like so many items in the upcoming collection!
The Denim Panel Leather Dress, Slim Fit Pantkins, Cool Shoulder Tee Dress
& my favouritest >

Ruffles Peplum Pencil Dress - Black, Wine Red, Blue & Dark Cocoa
Got my original inspiration from Zara 
but I found the material too filmsy and its back too low, revealing the bra hence
I'm making my own huahahaha!

D: Look at my forceful smiles. 

I'm thinking of changing my blog layout to something more personalized, 
anyone here wants to give me a hand?

I don't mind paying or maybe I can do an advertorial in exchange! > :D
Email me at Sheilamandy@gmail.com 

Leave a comment/question on my formspring!

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