Thursday, January 31, 2013


Some snippets of my Hollyhoque outfits taken on the iPhone (: 
You might have seen some of the pictures before if you follow me on Instagram. 

Win a $10 shopping voucher (No minimum spending required) by posting a picture of yourself in 
ANY Hollyhoque outfits on Instagram! (: 
Remember to @Hollyhoque and #Hollyhoque when post it! 
We pick a winner daily!! 

Dress is upcoming on Hollyhoque (: 

Studs Aloud Sleeveless Top in Cream
Glitz Blitz Shorts in Black 
Geometric Knit Cardigan in Grey

Studs Aloud Sleeveless Top in Navy

Leather Trim Printed Shorts - Midnight

Oriental With A Twist Dress - Purple

Wow Wild Sunflower Dress in Green

Abstract Frenzy Dress

Swish Cut In Dress - Black

Grand Entrance Dress in Navy

Going to wear the Red on Day 2 of CNY!! :D 

Sailor Girl Collar Top - Cream

Cascading Whirl Midi - Jade

Leather Trim Printed Shorts - Spring 

Brother photobomb-ed me at the back :( 

Pastel Garden Dress 

Another item from our upcoming launch! (: 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where should I start

I have so many back dated pictures I don't know where to start.
Instagram-ing these days seem like a more convenient option :P 
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Some recent happenings mm.
Celebrated JY's birthday at Club Aura and got everyone drunk that night. 
Finally met Diana after what seemed like forever and updated each other over dinner and drinks. 
I was down with food poisoning bleah :| 
Nicole is back for good!
& we are getting ready for our CNY launches (: 

I know X'mas is long over but let me finish organizing all my pictures and decide how to blog them all D: 

I can be 1.7 too!! >< 

Upcoming cropped top 
Pop It Neon Blazer - Orange (S) (Launching on WWW.HOLLYHOQUE.COM tonight at 7) 
Chic Tailored Shorts - White (S), still available HERE 
Shoes from Esprit 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm back!

It feels like I've been missing from this space for a really long time :P 
Just got back from Hong Kong + Macau 2 days ago and it was a great way to kick start the new year!

I recently switched from Samsung Note 2 to iPhone 5 D: 
I know, what a traitor haha but I cannot help it!!
The iPhone 5 camera is so awesome I find it useless to carry my camera around these days. 
So yes, all the pictures below are taken with my new phone (: 

Met Zoe for a much needed nail at The Nail Status yesterday and I decided to go back to basics with red!

The Nail Status 
Far East Plaza, #04-83
Tel: 68362005 

I didn't check the name of this shade but I think the girls there will be able to tell if you show them this picture? Gelish nails with manicure only at $50! 

Spot new charms on my Pandora bracelet :P 
Its an addiction, every single time I walk pass a Pandora outlet, I MUST get something D: 

Went shopping with Zoe after that to shop for J's birthday present. 
Its SO HARD to buy him presents :|
There is nothing he needs and if there is something he needs, he can buy himself. 
Sigh girlfriend woes. 

Waited until Mabs & Chris were done with their last appointments before we headed for dinner together!
Taiwanese porridge buffet at Goodwood Park Hotel (: 

Mabel was so reluctant at first because she thinks that porridge is only meant for sick people 
but I think we all came out with happy bellies? Haha

Food glorious food :D 

We ate sooo much

These frequent dinners are guuuuuuuud (: 
Looking forward to the next hangout hehe!

OOTD in Hollyhoque's newly released Overlap V-neck Romper - Forest Green (: 
We still have a couple of pieces left here >

Oh & if you don't already know, backorder for Dollhouse Sandal Wedges is now open! (: 
We'll stop taking in orders by Tuesday 2359 hours so the shipment can come around the last week of Feb. 
Those of you who missed the instocks don't miss this round of backorder! 

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I seem to be updating there more often these days heh


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love is you

I love..

The undivided attention you give me all the time.
Simple actions like removing my face mask after I fall asleep 
or making the effort to send me wherever I go. 

How you include me in all your future planning.
The home we'll own, the trips we'll go on, the children we'll have. 

Lazing in bed with you, talking about everything, like when we first met.

Going on food hunts with you.

How you stroke your head against my arm like a little boy when you try to pacify an angry me. 

The silly things you do to cheer me up.
Especially your own rendition of Ne-yo's Let Me Love You

That you always try to fit your schedule into mine. 

How you love me for who I am. 
The temperamental girlfriend who.. can't cook. 

The list doesn't end here but you get what I mean;
I love everything about you. 

Happy 8th Anniversary, boo. 

Time flies! Hahaha your skinny face back in AC days :P


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