Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love is you

I love..

The undivided attention you give me all the time.
Simple actions like removing my face mask after I fall asleep 
or making the effort to send me wherever I go. 

How you include me in all your future planning.
The home we'll own, the trips we'll go on, the children we'll have. 

Lazing in bed with you, talking about everything, like when we first met.

Going on food hunts with you.

How you stroke your head against my arm like a little boy when you try to pacify an angry me. 

The silly things you do to cheer me up.
Especially your own rendition of Ne-yo's Let Me Love You

That you always try to fit your schedule into mine. 

How you love me for who I am. 
The temperamental girlfriend who.. can't cook. 

The list doesn't end here but you get what I mean;
I love everything about you. 

Happy 8th Anniversary, boo. 

Time flies! Hahaha your skinny face back in AC days :P



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